Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


For some reason that move that 47 does in that video isn’t in the game anymore :frowning:


Yep, just measuring 47s overall build and forearms, his elbow hit can easily break your jaw, not to mention the training he’s received. @stickpeted yea i have not noticed that until now, the animation migh be removed cuz it was very wonky/ Hollywood-eque, i’d love to see a more lethal CQC system, like Krav Maga, throat punches , standing neck-breaks etc :smiley:


All 2166 posts.


I think you misssd the joke. :grin:


What joke?
Actually,you know what,screw it,it doesn’t matter if you were joking man!
People on this thread are repeating themselves so much!

It should be mandatory to read this thread before posting! WE ARE GOING AROUND IN CIRCLES NOW!!!


What if Helmut’s face is the same as 47 in Hitman Alpha?

you can walk on the ramp without the makeup.


Does anyone know why they are highlighted? Such as personal belongings of the Owen Cage (watch something else).


The lone guard manning the Frisk Zone in the area accessible by Kitchen Staff in the Liberation Cult Exhibition in “The Source” is absent-minded. If you are disguised as a Kitchen Assistant and just run past him, he asks to frisk you and then forgets about it if you have already run away past him and into the area anyway… He just says: “That’s right… ok.”


Can you reach them? if not… can you bounce them out with a breaching charge?

Looks like a Link 4 Smartwatch!


Not working. I approached the desk after the murder of the targets, without touching the targets, not changing clothes, even when infected – nothing happens.
After the explosion, flew only cap.


At first I believed that destroying the plane Caruso is in will make his body to disappear but after watching this video look like this is not the case.

(I really like slow-mo)


New way of killing yourself, found by @Wendy on one of my contracts. lol.

Anyone ever do this before?


It was discovered a while ago yeah


Just found out that suddenly two weeks ago there was a strange player peak for Hitman on Steam, more players on a day than ever:

peak hitman


Perhaps someone of immense popularity made a meme or streamed the game back then.


Likely someone massively card idling, no actual players.


In “The Author”:

If you shoot down the Church Bell, the meeting between Brother Akram and Craig Black can never happen!




Well I hadn’t been playing this mission a lot. :slight_smile:

I suppose there is also a Church Staff member whose job is to push the Bell Button at Midnight and if he is KO-ed the meeting also does not happen?


It’s an automatic bell.