Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Well I hadn’t been playing this mission a lot. :slight_smile:

I suppose there is also a Church Staff member whose job is to push the Bell Button at Midnight and if he is KO-ed the meeting also does not happen?


It’s an automatic bell.


That is a shame. Would have been better to have a way to suspend the meeting and still call it for later.


Still in “The Author”:

Even if you have the invite, 47 cannot enter the Book Reading when disguised as Salvatore Bravuomo. The guard actually calls you out by name saying you are not on the list of people allowed into the venue.

P.S.: Might have been cool if it was part of a Plagiarism Lawsuit opportunity…



User suckmydickReddit3 in reddit found out that the runway in Paris is actually outside

That means Palais de Walewska is actually kinda like this


Yeah the fashion show is actually in a courtyard. Took me a while to see that


Woah no fucking way! I didn’t even consider that possibility! Will this game ever stop surprising me?

Do I really need to write that I was sarcastic?
Honestly this is a good meme. @Fortheseven may have made it mainstream but I am taking full credit damnit. No way he is Zuckerberging me.


That was known for a very, very long time already


bravo! you the best :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


It should be mandatory to read this thread before posting.

We’re just going around in circles now.

(I did it and this here should have been said earlier!)


On Sapienza, if you shoot 4 bells on a ship in the right order, the Kraken will appear!!!

I didn’t even consider this possiblity. Will this game ever stop suprising me?


The school in Marrakesh has paintings made by little children.

That means it used to be a real school.


They didn’t discover anything, that was discovered since the game came out lol



This is the point -> .

Above me is mrburn missing it


I knew, I was trying to join in on the joke


Woah no way Mr Burn missed the joke! I didn’t even think that was a possibility!
Will this forum ever stop surprising me?

top quality meme in the making over here btw


Nah man,shut up! I don’t believe it! You gotta be joking!

I just discovered that if you punch someone in the pool they drown.
I know right? Unbelievable. Absolute MAD LADS at IO that put this.
And check this out,I just found out that the Bangkok level is named Club 27 because Jordan Cross is 27 and that’s the age when rockstars die btw fyi. Absurd. I honestly didn’t even consider that possibility


WHAT??? That’s actually a thing? NO WAY!!! No one could have figured that out ever!! Great find!!