Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Imagine you’re a new Hitman player, you just bought the game and never heard about it or the series at all before. Now you joined this interesting forum called Hitmanforum. You just want to share your experience with the game, as well as things you just found out about the game. But suddenly everyone gets sarcastically (and makes jokes about you) or gets even pissed because someone already found out about it 1 year ago, in post 373829382929 HOW COULD YOU MISS THIS POST?


It’s “Things About Hitman You Just Found Out”.

Let people post their shit no matter if you know about it or not - because some people don’t.


And people wonder why some games can’t hold on to new players…

Back on topic… I have found out that if 47 is Bravuomo and manages to sneak into the Book Reading all the Securiry Guards know who he is but will not arrest or escort him out of the venue even if the steps and front door area are Trespassing Zone for Bravuomo.

Weird… and what is an explosive golf ball doing in Bravuomo’s safe?


It is either a troll to those who open safes with BC or he is involved into the WoT mission. I guess it is the first.


I’m sure a lot of experienced HITMAN players already know this (and are waiting to make sarcastic comments about it) but in Hokkaido’s garden area, you can shoot the glass pane under the pool of water (on the level below, where the gardener and other guy stand looking at the water) and set up an accident kill if you wanted to.


Oh, boy… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I never knew NPC:s could hear that. Nice detail.


Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t Klaus Liebleid the only main target in the game whose disguise can be donned? I wonder if a new game mechanic was introduced in Patient Zero to incorporate this feature.


Well, you’re going to have to add Craig Black and Brother Akram to that list.
Other than those 3, no I don’t think we’ve had the opportunity of doing so with other targets in this season. Unfortunately, it’s only on those Patient Zero missions, nothing else target-disguise-wise has changed.


Brother Akram and Craig Black disguises can also be worn.


@TheChicken, @Soupienza, oh! I didn’t try for these targets. So, once you are “disguised” as Craig Black or Brother Akram, how do you get by? Doesn’t everyone become a reinforcer considering how different and ridiculous 47 should look? :slight_smile:


Well if you don’t mind spoilers:

Some guards can be enforcers against either disguise, particularly in the graveyard where Akram and Black are supposed to meet. So you have to pick your route a bit carefully.

Critically, neither target appears to have ever met the other. But depending on which one you are disguised as the meeting turns out differently.

If 47 is disguised as Craig Black, Akram isn’t any the wiser and actually unwittingly gives 47 the Nabazov Virus.

If 47 is disguised as Brother Akram, there is quite a bit more dialogue, but Craig Black eventually figures out that 47 is a fake. The result of this outcome is you will have to shoot your way out of the graveyard as there are many guards.


Thanks for the info! Interesting, I have to try these options soon. :slight_smile:


I still find myself playing the game weekly-if only for an hour or two on a few repeat maps so I do appreciate the value of finding out new things for myself.

I found out that on ‘house built on sand’ after you kill kong his body guard goes to the side of the bar and mopes around until a waitress comes around and starts to flirt with him-he asks her out on a date. I really liked that since I enjoy standing around the murder scene and resulting chaos. I don’t know if other guards do that on other maps but I am motivated to find out. I also want to know what are the parameters for that conversation to happen or if it happens so long as Kong is found dead.

In the ‘Patient Zero’ DLC the first mission in Bangkok dressed as a waiter you can avoid getting frisked by just running past the guard who tries to frisk you down as you past the curtains. For some reason it says you are trespassing and won’t let you past but by the time you reach the back of the stairs past the curtains no one cares.

I am starting to find uses for the sedative. So far I think the NPC’s kinda flee the area searching in a way that they don’t when you poison the target. I am trying to time it right to drag the body else where and fuck with the AI further. So far I have enough time to kill the target unnoticed when the guard’s leave the room but then why not just poison.

also I didn’t realize that as long as you have the target in a state of panic they will hold their barf until the panic is over. So with this I can for example give De Santis the blunt have her pass out up stairs and push her into the basement through panic to barf. I wanna see where each target will go to barf after I push them from safe room to safe room.

The striker is my favorite weapon


Very interesting video about all the unused dialogues in Codename 47.


Just a little detail I noticed in Sapienza. I apologize in advance if this was already discovered by someone else.


I also have found something in Hitman 6

The flying phone is all you NEEEEEEEED


Idk how many people know this, but in Hitman: Blood Money, Death of a Showman, you can pick up the baseball bat that’s on the wall next to the Swing King. You can hold the attack button and trigger the kill animation. I love eliminating him like that since the photograph shows the victim to be a baseball player. Kinda like poetic justice.


I just found out that, apparently, Elusive Targets can see through doors, as demonstrated with my attempt at The Twins ET, which again stole my SA away from me, for the third time.

I think I know why I purposely skipped pretty much every ET (other than the performance issues on my old computer).


I found out that the door you have to open right at the middle exit of Landslide cannot be closed again.