Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


I found out bodyguards have a stronger outline with instinct than normal NPCs. Could prove useful…

  • Apparently you can throw a heavy object (Fire extinguisher, propane tank, large weapon, etc.) onto the security box, and it actually “damages it”, erasing the evidence. That’s useful!


The main bodyguards of Targets can preform special animation if you have empty hands. Example: Kurt Donovan. If you stand still you will act like you’re listening to Command. The bodyguard in Dalia’s room has the same feature.


Just make sure the propane tank isn’t leaking

Because the sparks from the destruction will make it explode!


For montages or something it would be cool. Use the technique (without leak) all he time. Quicker and no risk of getting spotted with e.g. a gun


And found another thing. There is a special axe in Bangkok behind a soda machine in the basement where 3/4 people are talking. Underneath the kitchen. The Sapper axe


Same works for camera’s


Throw it at the camera and it breaks?


yeah you can throw wrenches at cameras for the same effect


Ha! Interesting feature…


It’s also worth mentioning that the cameras have two spots to be destroyed that are affected by different weight values.

As an example, there’s the pool ball.
If you throw the pool ball at the body of the camera, the camera will remain intact.
However, it will destroy the camera if you manage to hit it right on the camera’s glass.


So instead of getting spotted typing or shooting, I just throw it. It really helps. Thanks :grin:
(This is the camera example)


I keep finding these things which some people knew in the first playthrough. All types of poison can be used on the stem cells. Even sedative. WE FOUND A USE FOR IT!!:grinning::grinning::grinning:


I had no idea this existed, but in 2016 you can save loadouts per location by selecting what you want, hovering over the “Planning” button and pressing P.

This makes my life so much easier when selecting missions. Now I don’t need to constantly change between the ICA19 and the ICA-Silverballer, and others. Great for Escalations, too.


Well, you can’t save the smuggle points so you will need to chose that separately every time…


Yes you can, I’ve done it with the entirety of The Marsden Isotopy and The Holmwood Disturbance (not like I needed any smuggles from either, though).


Have to recheck my game then. I couldn’t do it for some reason, and for some locations you don’t even use all standard points (Bonus Missions). I will check again tomorrow, but last time it didn’t work.


It was added in the GOTY edition if I’m not misremembering, so it’s not that strange that you haven’t noticed it, since it’s not been in there for a long time.

I just learned that you can escort Sister Yulduz, in “The Source” if you dress as one of her mercenaries.

So I brought her into 47s suite and jabbed her with an emetic syringe.



I don’t know what you are saying, but for some reason (which makes sense because you could spawn things in the bonus mission) I can’t save the smuggle points.

Edit: This is for my SA/SO standard entrance/smuggle run.


You can kill Erich Soders by throwing a fire extinguisher at his legs and use it to break winches