Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Never heard of this before.


I FOUND SOMETHING AMAZING. If you hide someone in a closet/crate and throw a bomb or BC/FE combination in it (time quick) you will have an invisible trap


I don’t get it, a trap for who? The NPC already in the closet/crate?


No if someone walks past it

The person inside won’t die


ok cool, so how do you throw a bomb or BC/FE in there fast enough?


I will get a video or SC up


Sounds more like an oversight/bug.


Uploading a vid now
Will give you the link


Have fun!


The master assassin: Killing an old man by snapping his legs with a fire extinguisher, the true silent approach.


IO, WTF were you doing when you added this picture? Look at the Arteries and Veins… It’s a left-side-heart picture for a right-sided-heart!!


Anyone know how to trigger it in Absolution? It does it sometimes and it doesn’t others.


Was this taken out of the final game then?




So, in the same day I found two details in Sapienza that I don’t think I knew of before.

These are both things I assume are well known to the community, but I just now stumbled across them.

This fucking room. I never knew it was accessible. Just assumed it was another one of those doors that don’t do anything. There’s a baseball bat in there, and a box for storing bodies.

This is from the Author, but I just confirmed that it’s in TWoT as well. Basically you can cause a gas leak at the side of a building in the streets of Sapienza. Never saw this before.


i killed myself more than once with this gaspipe, while throwing the golfball bomb onto the scooters nearby, to kill Sal Falcone with a explosive Accident :grimacing:


Lmao what the fuck, I was just about to tell the exactly same thing, it happened few days ago.


ah, i see you are a man of culture aswell :grin:


When you ask to enter the Caruso’s mansion disguised as a delivery man but without a bouquet of flowers, one guard orders you to fetch one. (2 years later…)


Well, there is a several NPC’s reactions, tied with flowers