Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


What? You got a date or something chief?


That’s not even his voice!


I have honestly never gotten this to work! Like throwing a fire extinguisher at the security recorder I get no result.


While making a contract, I was choking someone out, and marked my target… Ended up snapping the neck of the person I was choking out. :smile:

I knew this… Just didn’t think of it while I was marking my target.


I learned that you can insert a Breaching Charge inside the water tank in Landslide such that no one can ever discover it.

I also learned that the Breaching Charge is powerful enough to trigger both the Water Spillage and the sabotage for the Electric Guitar Pedals.

This simplifies the setup for a basic Electrocution Accident as demonstrated here which 47 can execute in a relaxing way:


This is not very important, but the song in Hokkaido’s kitchen and garage is also playing at the Chinatown market in Absolution.


I just learned that you can shoot sinks in Hitman 2016 to make them leak and fill up.


Yeah, a lot of things can be activated by shooting them.

I recently discovered you can turn on the fire alarms by shooting the switches from afar. Useful panic tactic.


It’s my primary tactic on Paris Pro since it allows to lure the guard from Dalia’s toilet away and lets you climb in through the attic.


If you want to get through the kitchen in Sapienza while it’s in phase 1 (chef cutting vegetables, purple shirt with his frying pan, red shirt at the corner), shoot the pan to distract the kitchen assistant in the purple shirt.


Just making a post… Now every time I see a fire extinguisher, I have an impulse to shoot it (even though I don’t have or own a gun). :rofl:


HITMAN 2016 not only has larger levels and more NPC’s per map than HITMAN: ABSOLUTION, it also renders them all at twice the resolution!

Glacier Engine is truly Amazing!


When you Scan the QR Code from the IAGO Invitation it says: “IAGO VIP - AUCTION VENUE Upper Floor Access“


In the barbershop in sapienza, you can softly hear the Shisha Den song from Marrakesh sometimes (especially near the washing chairs). Also shooting coins makes them fly sometimes.


If Sal Falcone in Sapienza is walking around for a long time (that long that I murdered whole of Caruso’s mansion with Scissors…) he goes to the top of the clock-tower at the main-square/ice-co shop.


It finally dawned on me! 47 isn’t the only character in the game that uses instinct. Some of the NPCs use it too! What other explanation is there for the so-called “Wall Hacking”?!



That It is in fact possible to do Freeform Training SA/SO. I’ll upload a vid when I get the strat down


All the missions are possible to do SA/SO lol.


But I thought that Freeform Training wasn’t. As there isn’t a challenge for it.


Even so, you can still complete it SA/SO. If you search on youtube there’s a few examples. I think the World record is something stupid like 10 seconds.