Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


“10 seconds”. That isn’t humanly possible as there isn’t even a way to get on the Yacht and to eliminate Kalvin Ritter without getting spotted in 10 seconds. I don’t remember what time I got SA/SO on it was. But even though I use the remote explosive to get on the yacht, It still takes me at least a minute to get to the helicopter and press the button I meant like the time being a minute something something before getting to the helicopter


No need to enter the yatch


dafuq, now I’m impressed by how thats not SA.


Yea, It might be possible to get him under one of the safeboats the same way


I originally tried to get him under one of those barrels/some shit but I couldn’t so I tried lockdowning him with an explosion and he doesnt go the way so I could shoot the barrel.


I can’t quite get the recording of what I achieved. But in summary:

  • Take the remote explosive, throw it forward so It lockdowns Kalvin
  • Wait for a few guards to come out so you don’t get spotted.
  • Board the yacht and go upstairs
  • Vault over window, wait for Kalvin to come, garrote him and drag him to the room next to you and to the closet
  • Wait for them to get out of the room so you can safely vault over the window
  • Go upstairs and take the helicopter exit

you need to be xXxRNGMasterxXx for this strat to work



Quite different, but well It’s one from you and It works so there is no flaws Kappa Pride


Except that wasn’t SA. Lol.


this actually inspired me to do a fiberwire strat i had planned a while ago but i stopped grinding it hue


All this happened because I said I figured out It was possible to SA/SO Freeform Training


it’s actually doable like 12 seconds faster even, i’m just waiting a bit before i upload


I was playing Paris again and activated the Mr. Rieper cutscene, and I always knew that Dalia called someone to investigate you.

But I had no idea that she called Ezra from Colorado, so that was a fun connection between the levels.


What "cutscene"¨

This text will be blurred


yeah they’re both Israeli I think


Oh, it’s just the trigger for when you sit in the chair at the auction, and Dalia comes up to you to introduce herself. There’s no actual “cutscene”


[Insert Jewish World Conspiracy here]

just a joke (hopefully obvious)


Dunno if it’s been said before, but in Hokkaido you can actually use the NPCs to go through some doors that you don’t have access to…

Love that level of details <3

[Fan Review & More]Dear Hitman™ Developers

I knew you could do that, but… can you do it with a conscious person??


Yes you can.

20 characters blah blah