Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


So I have a little theory. In Paris, as stated above, they hinted about Colorado a bit (before it came) as well as Crystal Dawn which is present in Marrakesh. In Bangkok some NPCs tall about the Sledgehammer who is also present in the briefing of the Badboy. Maybe this is a next target in the next season?


Not only that, but they were both from Mossad. They might have even had a few ops together.


This is the easiest way to gain access to the apartment building for the Safehouse in Landslide. :slight_smile:


You can blow up cars with 1 bullet with the ghost sniper rifle.

Did this by accident last night.


Nice! This might be very useful for strats! Is it like with a shot anywhere in the car?


Not sure. I’m guessing it was a specific spot. When I was doing dead sparrow contract, I wanted to attract the npc so he would see the gun, but when I shot the car, and I can’t remember exactly where (should have kept the video), the car just blew up and I had to restart.


Maybe in the place that you shoot to make it leak?


Okay so some might know this, but the big one can electrocute people in (red highlighted with instinct) water. This is also the case with taps so if you want to make a contract few can solve, electrocute those with a big one…


I just walked passed a guard and he went: “Is that… Pitbull?!”

First time I ever heard that one, lol…


Oh, yes! I found that out a few months after Paris was released actually. I too always thought that was very cool. I love it when Hitman has a connection between targets.

Speaking of Berg; if you haven’t known already (you will actually get another chance to hear this again very soon) but with Elusive Target #10 “The Pharmacist” you can actually learn that Berg also bought drugs off of Torvik.


Interesting, i’ll need to see what would be the correct spot for this. This is not a normal occurence as in most cases you need to shoot once for leaking and then another for exploding.

The Ghost is indeed stronger than normal - it explodes fire extinguishers immediately with one shot instead of having the fire extinguisher leak for a couple seconds, and it also explodes the big red gas canisters in one single shot.


And it also can 1 shot headshot Bosco. So ya, it has power. If you come up with anything, let us know.


What’s the point of that video?


Has to be a very specific spot then, because it still took two shots to blow up a car with the ghost


So they can see your reflection in blood money but not in Hitman


yeah like i said i tested and it’s not a common ocurrence for sure.


I think It’s when you shoot like the very under side of the car.


Not sure where I should’ve put this one, since I didn’t find this in the game.
But it still has a little to do with Hitman, hehe.


That it’s possible to release a chandelier winch by throwing a fire extinguisher at the little roll thing that you can go to and hit the prompt to release the chandelier


That Leaking Propane Flasks’s have a bigger radius on breaching charges, an example of this is when I shot a propane flask on the Author to make it leak gas and put it sitting on top of a staircase, and then put a breaching charge on a wall thats around a corner and seems like It couldn’t ignite it, but It does.