Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


What a cool little easter egg. I wonder if it means something more,though. That’s a lot of trouble for one jumper!


Isn’t this suicide guy the one for whom 2 guards near the mountain exit look/pray?


@Nakar time to make the impossible injected poison contract huehue


Injected poison is not possible, only fall/fire/unarmed/electrocution
White-Half did some contracts on PS4 a time ago which included that, try them :wink:


Where do you think he got the idea from? :thinking::shushing_face:


very nice. how do you do the unarmed one? i wasn’t able to punch him for some reason. Maybe it’s stairs takedown?


He did these contracts 2-3 months ago…
I would say by himself? :thinking:

You have to get him in panic after he stand up, when he runs you can subdue him, but it’s a bit inconsistant…


interesting. Can he become unconscious or will he automatically die?


Where does he go to when he calms down? To America?


Yes you can subdue him unconscious. He will not die like the Marrakes prisoner. You can also getting him up by throwing Napoleon on his forehead. But it’s a very specific spot, takes about a minute sometimes to get him up. Is the BC method consitant?


Guess again. Let me give you a hint. Check the trending contracts tab. It’s on the 1st page. :joy:


That wasn’t a guess, you misunderstood something. I just memed your :thinking::shushing_face: He found it also by accident and we were messaging about it. He’s one of the best contract creators on PS4 and did a lot of great and extremely hard puzzles. So please stop posting stuff that doesn’t say anything and just makes threads long and boring


he teleports back to his initial position hue.

@CHAOS_AGENT_45 nice, so a potential fall accident/drowning should be relatively easy to achieve.


We are friends on psn. :grin:
And he got the idea from my Interpol Double Agent Contract where you have to kill Smith and hide his body. That’s where he got the idea from.

But don’t tell anyone. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::shushing_face:



I found this breathtaking version of Ave Maria.
Best part from 2 min.


someone should put this (starting song on 2min mark) over the deleted cutscene form absolution of 47 almost killing himself, hehe, if not I wil do it, but after the weekend, too busy atm…


I don’t like how she sings/says Maria. She pronounces it MAR-ee-ah and not MAH-rree-ah (yes, thats double R on purpose to show the rolling of the tongue on the letter R). Big pet peeve of mine when a name isn’t pronounced authentically, like how an Italian would and not like a mangia-cake. :joy:

Thank goodness for that 2:00 Mark. The song redeems itself.


Logo on the Praetorians shoulders.


  • According to google translate PRÆSIDIUM (latin) could mean: protection, garrison, safeguard guard, forces, support, escort.
  • The 3 drops could mean the 3 units.
  • Thing in the triangle, probably another roman reference.
  • No idea what the “VI” could stand for.


TIL that guards can drag 2 bodies at once while 47 can’t. :joy: