Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


oooooooohhhhhh, my ears :heart:


I’m sure people know this…but…

So I was replaying Marrakesh (because it’s a great mission, I don’t care what everyone thinks!), and I noticed that there is a person taking photos of his girlfriend by where all the slug meat vendors are.

I never noticed him before, and I walked through his photo. Much like Paris, if you’d walk through the news report, the guy gets annoyed that you’ve walked through his picture.


I actually just found out Silvio Caruso’s mother is on the yacht in the prologue.

Among other things, I found out that you can shoot faucets, not just electrical power strips, to make them overflow. Could be useful in leading sniper targets around.


I just realized after Strandberg meet Zaydan after the lockdown. He will act as Zaydan’s “guard”. That means if Zaydan is distracted to somewhere, Strandberg will follow him.
I think I will do something interesting.


Jasper Knight is actually a name of a fairly successful/popular Australian artist!



Do something doesn’t mean I will post it. Sorry.


Ok. So then what did you end up doing?


Well, the best I can do is to lure them to the school front yard and kill both of them with the oil drums.


Unfortunately, you can’t offer a message to the fixer :frowning:


Yes I just tried this and it didn’t work. So I dropped mr moose on his head. Lol


2 years later I’ve found out that you can’t use small agency pickups to smuggle hammer, baton and tonfa :man_facepalming:


Most likely old news but, it seems that early builds of Blood Money featured not only Agent 47 with a different face and his signature suit but also the tie pin that eventually we saw in Absolution.


The face seems a tad more Contracts style; I wouldn’t doubt that early builds of BM just took the Contracts/Silent Assassin face and stretched it onto a new model when 47’s design was still being worked on. :man_shrugging:

He even seems to have that same washed-up, tired look around his eyes.


Blood splatter on sand is of really dark colour, a really nice touch.



I found out from watching MrFreeze’s subscriber contract livestream that you can aim through windows while standing on the ledge. Either that or I completely forgot about it.


I am doing something awesome with World of Tomorrow atm. I am wondering why I get a noticed kill as I never legshot someone.

I found out when shooting the virus from back the cave where you can drop with pistol aiming, you very likely hit a Hazmat guy behind it. Wow am I the first person where this is a problem? :sweat_smile:


I was playing ‘House built on Sand’

Trying to set up a little something for my own amusement which fell apart and in the scramble of getting away and setting something else up both targets basically met each other on the stairs going opposite directions. Kong was leaving the rooftop after a lock down and Matis was heading up after I escorted him to the meet.

I was shocked to find out that they didn’t talk or acknowledge each other in anyway. I guess the only way to get them to talk is under the specific meeting spot.

I had hoped they could interact and lead each other to the spot.


Sometimes, one single legshot is lethal.:thinking: