Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Threatening Caruso with a gun will make him mention Marco Abbiati: “This is worse than being thrown down the wall by Abiatti again!”


When i was doing my WoT run with Propane flasks blasts only through the chimneys fire place kills on both targets, I took my sniper rifle to shoot the virus because I was getting the exact same thing with the pistol.

This is actually a good thing (not a problem) because it prevents players to just shoot multiple times until they hit the virus. At least it takes some skill to aim and hit if you’re going to shoot from up there.

And I don’t know how you’re gettng a noticed Kill as it’s not possible to kill any hazmat guy from that far back with the pistol unless you’re firing like a maniac and hitting him more than 5 times or so unless maybe it has to do with franny?


I speak of the legshot bug where hitting someone with a bullet can render the next kill noticed.
Did my run by now, see the Sapienza Playthrough thread.


I mean you can absolutely just shoot it multiple times with the pistol and eventually get it lol


But you didn’t legshot anyone. Unless you did with the hazmat guy by accident. :man_shrugging:

@BernardoOne, absolutely, but I was saying that you can’t just randomly fire and hope you hit it without possibly hitting a hazmat guy. Our aim has to be decent. And i was just saying that because it sounds like Urben thinks it’s a problem that they could be hit or he’s complaining about his aim being shitty that he found out like that. Lol
I think it’s the latter. Hehe


In my run the Haz guy was directly behind the virus. And the virus seems to be an object bullets pass through. So I had to lure him away to only hit the virus. I even zoomed in with the Lancer so you can see what was going on.


Ya I saw it. The time I shot it, I had the ghost so I was able to see what was happening. But I found an angle where I can directly shoot the virus. It’s close to the side wall there and changing shoulders to aim.

But I know exactly what you mean. And that’s why I think it’s good this way. It either you lure him away or get a precise shot with a good angle on it. Otherwise you risk hitting the hazmat.


I would like that too if it was no bug that punishes you in miracolous ways.


Oohhh, DEXTER!!! Love that show, man! I actually just started re-watching it again recently. On the last season already!


PSA: BC’s can ignite Propane Tanks even if they are not leaking.


Me too,there is just nothing quite like it! Too bad about the ending,though


You can bounce coins off walls and catch them off your body. (they stick)

Perfect for my speed run strats in which I just want the NPC to get distracted but need to coin for later.


This is nothing I really found out, but I noticed a lot of house security walking around the lab in Sapienza while playing in Pro-Mode. It’s like they’re coming down there, some guy asks; “Hey! We’re going to the deli. Any of you guys want anything while we’re out?” as it echoes in the cavern. :laughing:

Point being; why are so many down there? lol



In all my time playing Hitman Contracts
(Since 2004) I have never noticed this before until today…

In “Rendezvous in Rotterdam” if you use the binoculars and zoom in on Rutgert’s fingers, he has the word “HATE” tattooed on his four knuckles on both hands! :dizzy_face:

My mind is blown!! I can’t believe after all these years (and especially considering the thousands of hours I put in this game alone) I am STILL finding new things… Goddamn… I fucking LOVE Hitman!


I know this is known to many pros, but I’ve recently discovered you can throw almost anything in Hitman Blood Money, from weapons to hide them, to objects, to a knife to fatally kill someone. It’s pretty nice and opens lots of opportunities.


Contracts has always been my favourite of the old ones, that game is so freaking insanely good.


didnt found that out recently, but is it possible that the Rotterdam Gang was altered in Contracts because their Logo is more or less a Swastika?

Maybe @Travis_IOI can enlighten us? i’m just curious :slight_smile:


It’s actually a windmill on fire, or at least looks like it.
Edit: It’s indeed a windmill on fire.


It’s a windmill. It can’t be a swastika because some of the bikers are black. In H3 bikers are racists because they have confederated flags everywhere and because they are all white


i know its supposed to be a Windmill, the gang is called “Flaming Windmills“ but it looks a lot like a Swastika.
The Gang looks Way cooler in C47 - Punks, Skins and other Streetkids…better than fat belly Rednecks :joy: