Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Sorry if this is already common knowledge to most…

I don’t know when the change took place, but someone noted in the comments on one of my videos (Zé Ninguém) that the delay when performing a melee kill (especially with a knife) had been notably speeded up. In this short video I perform two kills on the same two targets. The first two clips are from August 2016, and the last two clips are from April 2018.

Evolving Knife Speed


Looks really smooth now,I noticed before that some animations were too slow.Nice to see they made a change


I recently learned that in “Rendezvous in Rotterdam” from Hitman Contracts that you can put a GPS on the car before it moves.

I also learned that you can convince the stripper/prostitute lady in the club to distract the biker outside the club. I never knew that area had any use.


There is also rat poison in the upstairs bathroom inside that same club. It can be used to poison the whiskey bottle in the basement to obtain the disguise of one of the workers there.


Really? Wow I had no idea that the club had so many items and disguise opportunities lmao.

I thought I knew everything about Hitman Contracts in terms of items and level areas, looks like it’s time for me to revisit the game lol.


Haha yeah don’t feel bad, I been playing Contracts since 2004 and still recently found out new things lol just one of the many reasons I love Contracts (or Hitman in general for that matter) Always finding out new things


It was last year when i found a new kill animation in hitman contracts. In the level ‘Beldingford Manor’, when you are going to kill the old guy sleeping in his bed and if you have a pillow and a silenced pistol equipped then 47 will shoot the target through the pillow. I never knew this because i’d always choke him with a pillow.


What the hell, he actually does that?


That was actually known for so long, I posted this about a year ago. But people forget. Nice reminder to use this kill more often. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I actually figured that kill out YEARS after first playing Contracts back in 04. I was ecstatic when I finally discovered it. I said it before I’ll say it again. Amazing franchise the Hitman series is. No other games (that I played anyway) continued to impress me years after their original releases.


You should try launching the game on normal difficulty and look out for yellow circles with exclamation marks in them on the map. There are lots of these things on almost every level so you’ll definitely learn something new.


Hitman is tough to interview.


What game canon is this from?


My personal analysis of his character arc throughout all five entries.


am i missing something? :thinking:


He is likely not considering Absolution a Hitman game


My bad - I meant 6.


Forgive me if someone has already pointed this out, but in Paris, in the security room in the basement, the shotgun and the pistol next to the guards cannot be picked up by security or bodyguards. This will immediately cause them to attempt to arrest you.


Yeah, I never under stood that.


I just learned that smokers can ignite the Explosive Compound!
I discovered it when I left one right beside Decker while he’s waiting for Viktor Novikov. When he lights up the cigarette. BOOM! :open_mouth:

But when I tried it with Yuki Yamazaki… it didn’t work. :confused:

Note: Not an Accident Kill