Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


On that note, can this thread include “Things About Hitman You’ve Still Not Found Out”? Apart from the obvious: it explodes, what does the explosive compound do? Does it have any use?


Can be used to destroy cameras when complications are restricting shooting them. They are heavy enough to damage them when thrown.
I already did that even without the complication when you cannot be unseen while destroying a cam in your way.


I’ve never really done that: throwing things at cameras. Does a fire extinguisher work? And although it seems like a waste of a loadout slot, is the explosive compound considered an illegal item? What about being seen throwing it?


FE, propane and big items like shovels work too. The explosive compound is unsuspicious and will not be picked up by NPCs which can be usefull too.


Throwback machine provides the goods.
I’m surprised this was a thing ever.


Man I so much like this old version from Blood Money.


I think his face was at least modified three times.


Looks like the suit was the last change.


Well I never noticed, that smoke’ll disappear and air conditioner will fix itself.


I’m not sure if this is the best place to post this but I’ve made a video to demonstrate and explain how you can use the ICA Explosive Phone to manipulate NPCs in contracts mode. This won’t be news to a lot of speedrunners and veteran players, but if it helps someone then I’ll consider it worthwhile. :slight_smile:


It’s audio distaction device, remote explosive or detonated by your gunshots, can be used in similar fashions as a coin and has a chance of breaking windows when you throw it at them. A little detail that differs it from other audio devices: this one causes the NPCs to go their full animation of investigation, you know, arriving to the noise point and turning their heads, while the other audio devices, if removed, they will skip their entire animation and go to their normal route. Also, if you screwed something and an NPC picked it up, you can bump them and force them to drop it before they answer it, wich is quite an advantage over the ducks.


Oh that’s awesome. I guess it’s different from the other audio devices as it’s not a considered a weapon. The Mixtape and the ICA audio distraction are both picked up by the guards and taken to the weapons cache and so I guess that’s why it’s different. I had no idea about being able to force NPCs to drop the phone when answering it - that’s interesting to hear!


Yup. Just hurry up or else you get blown up along with them.


In Hitman Contracts - Slaying a dragon, when you blow up the car before you kill the red dragon negotiator he will run to a ‘safe room’ inside the apartment building. It’s the far right apartment on the top floor. Also, next to that apartment is a gardener disguise, which I didn’t know.


If you stand at the bar as 47 with Jackie carrington, she gives you her room key and invites you there.

New to me.


Ah yeah, I posted this sometime ago. Unfortunately nothing happens when you go into the room. It still considers you to be a trespasser and from my playthroughs, she never evem goes back up into her room.


that’s what killed it for me.

It wasn’t fully fleshed through.

At least put me in a position to do an easy KO on her as she turns her back or comes in for a kiss or something.


That kinda defeats the purpose of getting the card without KO/killing her. You literally can do that entire opportunity without a ko/non-target Kill.

And it is fleshed our because the purpose is to get the mic, not make her your main priority.


I also think (and I could be wrong) but maybe IO put this opportunity in as a nod to Hitman Blood Money “A House of Cards” where you can encounter a girl named Samantha and she gives you a keycard to her hotel room as well…


Ok, I’m posting this here because I’m not making a new thread just for this silly thing and it’s not a particularly useful thing to find out… But I really want to know why this exists!?