Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


BedBananas made a good joke of that :joy: (Video starts at that point)


Good old BedBananas.


I disagree.

The mini story is not fleshed out. I would have expected something similar to what the video below your comment shows.

The woman invites you in you go in she is there with you and she passes out- mini story loop complete.

With this one the woman invites you in says she will be up after you but no one wants you in there and the story is left hanging.

I know it’s not about Knocking her out, killing her or otherwise making her a priority. I’m just saying I was expecting some sort of follow up to her giving the card and saying to meet her there. I was actually expecting the option of meeting here there.

Just like when the devs set up obvious kills you can kill them at those moments or you can listen to the mini story they are usually telling.


I get what you’re saying, but it’s not important because the whole purpose is to get the card and get the mic. Straying away from your mission is very unlike 47. What purpose would it be to have him in there waiting for her?

And she did say to 47 that Julian is leaving soon but when she comes back to the room, Julian is still there. So she acts innocent and treats you like a trespasser so Julian doesn’t get suspicious of what’s going on.

So in a sense, THAT could also be the reason why it is that way as that also makes sense.


As far as game play I was kinda expecting it to be another slick way to move a NPC out of position or keep them away from a place.

of course I am nitpicking it’s not the end of the world I just expected her to stop walking the hotel and maybe stay in one spot-actually what I was really expecting, as you mentioned was for Julian to move and that would maybe open up a different route or strat. One NPC leaves and starts a route and the other ends a route and is stationary.

and as for the story I was just expecting a simple “So you made it, follow me to the bed room” and maybe she turns her back, goes to sleep or does something that makes it obvious the opportunity/story is over.

but you right none of it matter. it’s just about getting the card and getting the mic-a means to an end


Not to lead this thread too much off of it’s rails, but I disagree.
The devil is in the details! While I do agree that 47 is not there to chit-chat but rather to do his job, it’s the small conversations and events that makes this whole thing feel alive. HITMAN 2016 is about exploring the map, but what fun is it if there’s nothing to explore.

I too did expect something to happen the first time I discovered it. It makes no sense to invite someone to your room and then say they trespass after. Yes you can get the mic, but it just feels like they forgot to do more about the situation.

It would be like the scientist who is sad about her co-workers death and goes to say a few words to his body at the morge. But instead of crying she would just stand in the middle of the room looking at the wall, saying nothing for 2 minutes.
It would feel wrong, but still in the end provide you with the doldge and outfit.

Just my 2 cents :open_hands:


There’s a bodyguard NPC called “Akram” in The Source. Reference to the Author, or just a coincidence?




Lol I also found two other guys with reference names.

Also who the hell are these women with male names? There are several. :laughing:


Nope, not good enough.
How does she know he’s still there without going to the bedroom first? Yet she immediately says you are trepassing the moment she enters without even checking if Julian is there or not.

And for that matter, Julian is sleeping and have no idea if you are there with her or not.
So why act innocent when he’s asleep in the next room? You can’t be suspicious of anything when you are sleeping :joy:
So no, it doesn’t hold


Man: Mom, dad, I have a girlfriend!!!
Parents: That’s great son! What’s her name?
Man: Robert!


and in conclusion she don’t him anything.

She can raw dog 47 loud as all hell in the next room and Julian can’t say a damn thing.

He’s just a groupie and she is a celeb. He is lucky even be tasting that.


Yeah, Bob is a mighty fine gal!


I found out that if you disrupt the exhibition (that laptop, remember), this also trigger Nabazov to go to the basin spot.

I’m sorry if everyone already knew this.


I rewatched the last IOI stream a few days ago. I think this is interesting (but sad) to know that there are no plans to add more starting/pickup locations to bonus missions in the near future. Atleast not to Travis’ knowledge. :frowning:


This is an old one and something I never really thought about before replaying Codename 47 again lately.

The odd cutscenes between missions in C47 is obviously seen from 47’s perspective and they seem hazy and foggy because of 47’s amnesia.

I never really thought about it being from 47’s point of view and a flashback to 47’s days in the asylum.


Yes, I also realized that later, not at the first time I played


Been playing this game since it came out, it have literally taken me 18 years to “figure it out”. Then again most of the time I played C47, I never really paid attention to anything other then the missions themself. Never read the mission briefings or the letter exchange between the targets. Glad to see that these games can still surprise me and make me feel dumb. What a time to play Codename 47.


Next time I’ll play C47 I’ll do it with english language. Just to know original version. Untill now I’ve Always played with italian language, but translation of the first game is really stupid, with a lot of sentences without meaning. Luckily in the other games it’s better


The Icon is probably my least played mission in Season 1 so I decided to play it a little more. I had never before noticed that there is a camera that can be shot down and used as an accident kill method. With some bullet distractions I was able to kill Bosco with it just by shooting from the tower. :smiley:

Or you can just shoot him to the leg while he’s running and let the robot run him over.

Also found out that you can just shoot the generator rack to sabotage the filming and that Bosco eventually continues doing his stunts even if I kill every other NPC on the map lol.