Things About Hitman You Just Found Out



What the hell @Kotti

Loving it!





@Kotti didn’t do shit here. He just stands there while Caruso blows himself up, kills franny and destroys the virus, then takes credit for a double assassination. I’ll be informing the agency of this.


In the mission The Source one of the guards near Nabazov is Brother Akram. In contract mode he’s simply called Akram and he has the same outfit as in The Author. He’s the first simple NPC that then becomes a target


But there is one problem, Brother Akram’s background said “He was on the move for several weeks before the kill-switch was triggered, indicating an alarming degree of trade-craft” and I don’t think being Nabzov’s guard is called “constantly on the move”.





Glad that you feel this way at last!


You are not alone here. 15 users joined your crew. I bet knowbody even listened to f. dialogs in this game either.
I made a full analysis of these flashbacks several years ago even without black filter including 1 cutscene that was cut from the game. Not a single soul paid attention to it or tried to understand their meaning.




It’s 16 now :wink:


De jure, yes. De facto you have full forum support.
However, you are liar and you know why :wink:


You are very welcome to think so dear sgg.


Well, when C47 came out, I read every piece of text in game. It was in 2001, I studied at the school, and game was horribly translated by local pirate group, but still I got nice exposition of the plot. However, I never imagined that cutscene


It was not from “his” point of view.


Using the hazmat disguise, you can blend in with the showers behind the virus lab in Sapienza. Also, yeah, there are showers back there. I never really paid attention to that fact.

I’ll add that to my list of roleplay runs in the future. Make sure to disinfect yourself, 47!


Holy shit! Never knew that. Gonna check that out for sure when I’m playing Sapienza again!


I was taking bath many times there.


In the The hippaman hotel after you take your key card for your room one of the workers asks to take you to your room.

I assumed he had the master key card since he was able to open the door.

He does not.


Lol if you talk to Bravuomo and get him to follow you but leave him too far away he tries to hide again, didn’t know this.


Wow, I knew you could find him (locked bathroom below the ice-cream shop) but I never expected you could escort him to Abiatti as a bodyguard. Cool!