Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


In the newspaper in the briefing of The Last Yardbird, there is a small section in the left said “Kronstadt gets new CEO”.
Could be Robert Knox.


It’d be a fun opportunity if he was never found by Abiatti’s guards and you could only guide him to the meeting yourself where he then shot Abiatti with the gun under his desk for threatening him lol.


I tried to save the suicidal repairman by causing him to panic, but it seems he is destined to die.


It seems Kronstadt doesn’t just love making cars. They’re also in the business of creating Medical Equipment. (Taken from the “PZ - Patient Zero” briefing.)
Cooool reference.


That screenshot set off my OCD. Patient Zero is the only place in the entire HITMAN game where names of people/companies are randomly in upper case (“The Director” Sarajevo Six mission used to be like this until they fixed it).

And the Miami briefing has the random upper case too.



Yeah, it seems “HITMAN: ALL CAPS” has now become a theme of the game’s world.

It’s really irritating and off-putting to see in the subtitles.


Huh. I thought it was said somewhere that Kronstadt is responsible for every equipments in GAMA (including KAI (Kronstadt Artificial Intelligence)), the only exception is the cell stem device which is created by Ether.


Spoiler! Anybody who played the sniper assassin Did you notice that on top of the cliff there is a skydiver standing there? There are also a few bottles laying around him, suggesting that he has been drinking. And maybe wants to jump? Very cool to notice that:smile:

@TheChicken Nice find on Kronstadt! :sunglasses:


Reminds me of Sniper Challenge where you could see an assassin (from Ubisoft’s games) on a tower


when you shoot the Assassin, he will fall down and make that Eagle Screach Sound from AC :slight_smile:


Shoot the bottle he’s drinking from and he actually jumps. Doesn’t seem to unlock a challenge, however.


There is something else you need to do for the challenge:

Kill him


The dev said shoot him midair is a challange in the live reveal…


I thought Marrakesh was better than Sapienza…I’m almost positive someone is going to give me a beatdown for that statement. Worth it :stuck_out_tongue: I’m going to check out this photographer now!


Not me. I really like the Marrakesh map.


I loved the whole vibe of it. Very neat. I loved every map, took me a while to get used to Colorado however, but at the end of the day I’m glad it was put in there to mix up the styles of each level.


That’s what I thought, but how can you make such a shot? He’s so far away and in seconds he will just fly out of view.


Probably well known, but today I discovered that you can use the water hose distraction to get Brother Akram into position for a drowning kill in a tub of water in “The Author”.


I didn’t know that either, so that’s how the “drown both targets as the super fan”-challenge should be done. Idk what would be the right way for Black tho.


Actually, Akram could be poisoned in his flat where he eats some soup and there is a toilet right beside that room