Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


I know that but this seems much easier. :wink:


There should be more drowning kills which aren’t toilets. So far we got the face-baths in Hokkaido, the basin in Colorado and the tub of water here.


Also shrines in Bangkok.


I played this game over 1000 hours and had no idea lol
@Serious_Pony sadly the shrines in Bangkok don’t count as drowning and IOI never fixed it :frowning:


What does the shrine count as? I did a contract a while ago where I drown Heidi in it and Jordan found her body and I still got SA.


I think the game just thinks it’s an accident and doesn’t recognize it as drowning when creating contracts. That was a cool run, by the way.


Counts as “any” if you try to make a contract.


Repeatedly shooting the top of the cable car in hokkaido will make it move across the rail, then fall down the mountain. If you trigger Yuki’s lockdown after you have done this, she will retreat to the guards room in the medical section of the building


I never knew guards could pull you down off the trellis like this in Blood Money.


You sure they did?
You can fall like that if you press crouch button and s I think


Now I’m not sure. It looked like guard lifted his arm to grab 47 at first, but I now I notice he’s holding a gun in that hand. Even so, I never realized you could fall like that, so it’s new to me anyway.


@AGENT4T7 have you ever notice this? The Sniper from Codename 47 was marked with the logo.
That makes it the first ever marked weapon in Hitman! But I guess it’s only on the wallpaper for show.


Yeah, didn’t you? :joy: I mean it’s right there! Haha

But yeah, that is cool, I really like that. Perhaps a future project for you? Engrave the insignia on your WA scope?

Or better yet… I wonder if maybe they have an R93 Airsoft??? :open_mouth:


Oh boy there is

And I discovered the logo just a few days ago :astonished:


@badeaguard here ya go!! All you need now, is to try and find an accurate scope like in the photo


Oh, beat me to it! Lol

Someone wasn’t looking closely “in the shadows” :joy:


A House Built On Sand’s starting location notified me of an alternate Embassy entrance.

There’s a keycard door on the right side of the embassy, and an empty toolshed inside the complex. (I don’t know why you’d want to use this though since the truck entrance on the left is super easy, plus it’s got quick access to the parking garage.)


That’s one of the many problems with Marrakesh’s design. I guess IOI thought that people would use it because there is, as far as I remember, a security disguise in that little toolshed. What I’ve also found out only recently is that there is another toolshed(or whatever you may wanna call it) to the right of the vaultable fence.


Yeah, there’s also a keycard door in the toolshed near the truck that leads in and out of the embassy area. I also don’t know why that’s there if you can easily climb over the nearby wall or use the main entrance past the guards. It’s really only a few feet away from the main entrance.


ehhh, R93 airsoft doesn’t look as COOL as the real R93

but the airsoft WA2000 looks great