Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Gotta agree. The r93 model is all made in plastic while the WA is entierly made in steel and real wood.
Big problem with the WA is that it’s bolt action. You shoot one bb, load and then go for the next.
But modifications can be made but I won’t want to do that.

I bought it in 2012 at 700 € and they only made a limited amount. I published some photos of mine on a facebook page and folks there told me that it’s now worth 6.000 $ because it can’t be found anywhere else.


the ARES WA2000? you can still find it on airsoft sites, and some models are upgradable to use GAS or C02


That what folks told. I don’t even intend to try and sale it but I will modify the force it has to push out the bbs.
I bought it for the only reason because its what 47 uses.
I found once somewhere on the internet a modified one to work with gas. But it was just for show that it could be done.

There should be an older version airsoft from the 90’s. That one I remember it was selling at 3.000 $ plus.
Like an old Hardballer same from the 90’s.


Just saw todays twitch stream, and in “Landside”, if you sit down in the confessional as the priest NPCs will come over to confess. I had no f*cking idea this was in there. Fun detail.

Just wish it was in TWoT as well.


It’s just another option. In fact, I used it for an exit because guards were on alert and to the right of the main entrance. So I turned left and exited out the keycarded door with a BC. I know it’s not used hardly, but it’s still an option if needed.

IIRC, there’s also another keycard door in the middle of the baracaded entrance. Now that door is totally useless. lol.




Damn. Why did I never think of this.


Timothy Olyphant, who plays the role of 47 in Hitman, stars in the TV show Justified, which opens with a scene from Miami, which is the opening location revealed in HITMAN 2, which is the name of the upcoming sequel movie. Coincidences?

Of course they are. Move on.


We don’t talk about the Hitman movies in here


I only noticed yesterday that there is Sanguine stuff in front of Carrington‘s room in Bangkok.
I was playing one of the featured contracts (the one with Twins in the title, don’t really remember, sorry). And seriously thought I was standing in front of the wrong room while waiting for her.



Miami isn’t the first location which was confirmed both by leaks and developers.


Didnt they say the same thing about the Showstopper? could be wrong though.


But it’s true. Showstopper wasn’t the first location. ICA Facility was. :smiley:


I don’t think so. Initially, the game wasn’t supposed to be divided into 6 parts but into 2 instead. The first part was Paris, Sapienza and Morocco and the second was the rest. I’m not sure when they announced that but the moment they did Paris was confirmed to be the first location.


iirc it was planned to be 4 Parts. Paris, Italy and Marrakesh and then Thailand, Colorado and Japan.


While checking this out (my god, that coffee confession), I spotted that Abiatti smokes in the confession booth.

This led me to bringing a burst propane tank into his side of the booth and putting into corner.

Then I sat to listen to him, he lit a cigarette and blew up in a thousand of pieces while 47 blending in was sat unharmed.

10/10, would let him confess again.


This one? :joy:
(Sorry, I just love this thumbnail I made for my vid. haha)


Looks like 47 is defending him self from being raped


It could be a mission :joy:
Primary object: avoid 47 is raped.
Secondary object: kill the two guys


just shot Dorian Lang trough the Car, he has Blood on his Jackett but doesnt seem to care about it…

Edit: Shot him 5 Bullets in his Head, is that man related to Pablo? :joy: