Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Official screenshot by IO, from Pre-Alpha build i think.


It was featured in promotional material about BM back in 2005. Evidently screens from an earlier build of the game.


I just found out that there was a pipe in the lift escape area of Hokkaido. Small find but might help my future runs later on!


My old double accident kill from Absolution. I never showed it here.


The one near the room where you sabotage the sauna?


The exit lift.


The tram lift. It’s connected to some pipes on the wall, it’s kinda tucked away in the corner.


In Patient Zero “The Author”, if you throw a Breaching Charge behind a Grave Stone which cannot be accessed from behind, that BC will never be picked up.

Both of the guards in the area notice it and Brother Akram will ask them to take it away. But there is nothing anyone can do and the meeting will proceed.

Now just place at least one fuel tank in the same inaccessible space… and be ready with a detonator.

Beautiful Explosion! :kissing_heart:


I’m sure others have figured this out. But 47 can perform the Bare Knuckle Boxer opportunity and man the bar while disguised as Auction Staff.

You can use this as the sole disguise therefore to poison both Dalia and Viktor in “The Showstopper”.


Seen on Hitman subreddit

I want to try this


This shit was even in CoD:WaW. It would be cool if this actually works.

It won’t be practical for any other mission I know, but still.


You have Landslide (music), Marrakesh (choppers) and Colorado (shooting sound every few seconds) if this theory is correct.


Hitman Contracts “The Bjarkhov Bomb” mission

  1. If you don’t put a laxative on Fuchs’ soup, Fuchs will go to the General after 30 minutes.
  2. Normally, when we leave the toilet, a security guard escorts us to the train, but if Fuchs going to General,guard doesn’t escorting him.
  3. Fuchs goes directly to the General’s room without frisking, the guard tells him to stop and pulls his gun, but Fuchs doesn’t listen to him and goes to the General’s room.


I’ve been browsing Hitmanhq and stumbled upon one preview of Contracts.
So it seems it was supposed to start differently?


I think it was supposed to be an opening scene for Absolution. :joy:


Another thing I found on Hitman hq

The article is unavailable btw


That must have been one ugly teenager :joy:


Lol come on

I found a guy with his name on Facebook,he only has one weird picture of his face so I can’t see if there’s resemblance or not but I assume that’s him.
I’m not going to post his pic here for privacy reasons but you can look it up if you’re interested


I checked him up. Well let’s say I seen worse.

@AGENT_58 and that priest didn’t showed up from time to time. Just at the begging and at the end.


That’s true however we do ocassionally hear about him throughout the game in conversations with Diana.