Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


I checked him up. Well let’s say I seen worse.

@AGENT_58 and that priest didn’t showed up from time to time. Just at the begging and at the end.


That’s true however we do ocassionally hear about him throughout the game in conversations with Diana.


It wasn’t meant as a personal attack on the guy :sweat_smile: i just found the idea of modelling vittorio (who looks like an old man) after a teenager, kind of funny :wink:
He can look like Brad Pitt for all i know :wink:

Edit: oh wait, they made the teenager look like vittorio and not the other way around? I think i read it wrong - sorry


Artist that worked on these also worked on Contracts’s Hunter and Hunted.


doing nothing for a few minutes in sniper assassin co-op triggers a couple of different conversations between the two about their backstory


I’m happy we got the backstories in, but I’m hoping we will manage to find an approach in the future that will allow more for more player agency in learning about the characters they are playing. The whole passivity thing is not really my proudest moment :smiley:


I guess like the beta Blood Money suit, they wanted to include another previous concept in Absolution.


The music of Sniper Assassin, from 00:47 to 01:57, I just realized that this piece of music is activated when a target is distracted by bullet distraction and will end when the target stops getting distracted or is killed. The music will continue as long as there is at least one target is distracted, this mean if one is killed but if there is another one who is still distracted, the music will keep on playing.

It did create lots of tension when I was trying to pull off a kill unnoticed.


Nice! Thanks for the video.
Sorry to be that guy but I love the new soundtracks … flies away


This is false. There is no sound masking mechanic.
It’s only visually distracting.


Right, tested it alot during one of my contracts. But their reduced viewcone is quite fun to mess aroung with.


9.411 people finished Sniper Assassin.




My highest score is about 3.500.000. Never going to be nr1 :disappointed_relieved::sob:


This is embarrassing and correct me if I’m wrong but in Curtains Down on BM I only just found out (I think)… that you can replace the gun from the actor. I was instead taking the gun to behind the stage and firing it at the right time, the trick still worked so I was none the wiser, DOH!


Yup, after that you just have wait for the ambassador to go on stage to cry over his dead body.


Hitman down to a T, still finding out new stuff years after :slight_smile:


Instead I found out in Contracts, in killing Boris that you can do it with a Sniper with out being seen by nobody.
But you need to complete the game first to bring your Sniper.


Not really, buddy. You can sneak through the tunnels into the warehouse where the police’s sniper is. Once the teams start assaulting the ship. you can go to the roof, sedate the sniper, take his rifle and snipe Boris. This way, the mission can be done in under 6 minutes. SA/SO without trouble unless the game glitches because of the alerts of the cops that might die during the assault counting against you.


Well it seems I just found you can acess the roof.I saw those sniper guys but didn’t know you could get up there.I’m going to try it out today