Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Just remember to stay in sneaking mode or otherwise you are a sitting duck for everyone.


It’s even more easier this way and you can do it all in your suit.

You just have to be quick enough to sneak behind 2 police officers and a brothel guard.


I was re watching the pre ordered titles and notice something suspicious…
The Blackballer in Hitman 2 will be of course, like every weapon in Season 1 a variation of the current 1911.
So it’s going to have the same shape and accessories of the ICA 19 but probably a logo instead of the barcode.

But I’m curious if we are ever going to see the pistol from the wallpapers. IO made a reputation with season 1 to not include in the game what it’s shown to promote it.

IOI: You see this incredible beautiful gun?
IOI: You can’t have it… But don’t worry. In exchange we’re giving you a variation of the same model 4 times but with different names and colors because we know what fans want!
Same goes for explosives, rifles and snipers.

And so it seems the ICA is going to have again a huge role in the weapons.

As you can see, these markings are in the same sequence. Even the logo is visible.
I personally prefer this model and alteration of the Blackballer than that thing.


I always envision you talking about the Blackballer like Patrick Bateman talks about music in American Psycho. :slight_smile:


I imagine my self like some kind of doctor in an interview on late night shows :joy:

Alex Badea
Silverballer and Blackballer scientist researcher

By the way, this is my Replica folder. It contains, photos, modification to the prototypes I made, 3D files, briefcases ideas and such.


Just realized the comedy that is when you behave abnormally, the NPCs will abruptly and stiffly look at you, and for some reason drop whatever is breakable in their hands. Like…I discovered this from day one when I got the game, but it never crossed my mind on how absurd it is.Jesus H. Christ, they look like they were commanded to attention by the mere sight of a stone-faced, bald, tatooed man probably trying to find a contact lense. :joy::joy::joy:


Yeah, it’s funny to do that, but it can be infuriating if you distract them while drinking something. There goes the glass you were about to poison…


You can also disguise yourself as the actor and shoot him yourself with a gun.
Just found that out like 3 years ago.


Yeah, I had my fair share of those moments in Paris and Bangkok.I’m certainly glad the camera used by the duo shooting near the gate of this Paris mission isn’t the one used in the opportunities because I simply cannot start the mission without making him drop his thousand dollar camera topped off with no reaction towards it whatsoever. "Don’t bump into me man, I’m not playing that game…"


As I was shooting a guard’s corpse in Sapienza, I learned that if you shoot their sunglasses, their sunglasses get white shatter marks on it and you can hear the sound of glass breaking.


While playing @BernardoOne 's contract I found this…
Dead body sets off winch :ok_man:


Hey remember when I wrote that one interesting way to introduce “47” in a film about future assassins is to show that the top of the ICA training facility leaderboard featured a number instead of a name?

Yep… :stuck_out_tongue:


This hole

Is this hole


I’ve known that for a while :stuck_out_tongue:


Used this hole to kill Caruso + DeSantis with one Lancer bullet:


It’s funny to replay Absolution and hear some of the voicelines which were reused for 2016. I wonder why some of them didn’t make it to the next game. Could it be because they were too redneckish or something?


Or IO didn’t want to make HITMAN feel that close to Absolution but rather a new experience



Just found out that we’ve already seen measuring tape used as a weapon in Absolution and Hitman 2’s promotion isn’t new for the series.


I remember that from the terminus mission. I always liked the feeling of that level