Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


This reminds me of the “Commandos“ Games and “Desperado“. Oh god, i would love a Hitman Spinoff in this style!


Found out a long distance spot for the Headmaster in Marrakesh (Lured by phone) :cowboy_hat_face::+1:


Great find, buddy! Just need contracts with him and figuring out solutions with the sniper rifle. :smile: You think it can work with Striker as well?


Thanks buddy! I would lie if i say it’s impossible, but the spot is very tiny, it’s pretty hard to shoot him from there with the striker. And you have to place the phone first to lure him there (its the spot where you climb up to get to the school-pipe/battle axe (at the headmaster terrance)


Awesome! Great find. Always disliked how bad rooftops in Marrakesh are. Alot of opportunities are missing.



I guess it makes sense, but it came as a bit of a surprise to me…


LMAO I think something like that has happened to me in the past as well.


Is it true that guards ignore Vinnie’s body if he is fiber wired in his chair where he watches TV?


lol Michael Pena is in The Source?


inb4 Pena pulls a Shatner and calls IO out on Twitter for using the likeness without his permission



The name KAI for the AI in Hokkaido. Is made up from Kronstadt AI. KAI. DAYUM they be plannin’ in advance!! You can see this in the briefing btw. I think i’m dumb and everyone knew this though…


The operational table from Hokkaido is also in the Kronstadt building in Miami.


If you eavesdrop on the phonecall between Jordan Cross and the Chef seperately (regarding the caketopper?) their phonecall actually makes sense when spliced together.


Speaking of this, is there an other half of the phone call the aggressive old woman has in Absolution?


not afaik, but i feel sorry for the poor guy anyway.


I always hoped that if you stuck around long enough, he would show up and like, slap her out the window, or something.


Cool finding!
There is a little reference to Kronstadt and Ether in Hokkaido from Portman’s Escort Doctor :wink:
Maybe we will face the Ether R&D facility in Johannisburg in the future?


I was messing around with the ET and found out that guards can shoot items that you throw. They shot the breacher right as I tossed it, and rekt.


wow rkt.

Nice find! Sadly not very exploitable.