Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Or maybe you just threw the breacher into their trojectories?


Tell that to the guards.


This is the most useless thing i ever discovered but:

Wristwatches protect targets from one fatal sniper bullet. If you shoot a bullet from a sniper that always kills (lancer, sieger ghost) into their watches, they will enter the ragdoll/legshot mode and wobble around instead of dying. A second shot at it will result in a kill.


Introducing the NEW APPLE BULLiT WATCH

This high-strength, reinforced smart watch can stop a bullet.


The Hitman equivelant of the frying pan from PUBG.


Found on reddit


That is amazing. Such a time saver.


lmao thats awesome



Hmm, I think you need to make a new bug report for this one, @Urben :wink:


No I dont think so. :stuck_out_tongue:


Climb up: 45 sec from Morgue to Tower
Run up: 30 sec from Morgue to Tower

It’s just a neat feature :joy:


yeah, i expected that. climbing is really slow lol


From what I remember, 47 also climbed pretty slow in Blood Money too.


You can do the Fade to Black challenge with the striker pistol


It would be very funny if 47, only in this starting suit, said “Howdy, partner” as Jordan turned around and spotted him.


I just look through HITMAN wikia and I found this:

On the first floor of the consulate, one can find the reception hall, a canteen, a kitchen, several offices which are all named after Swedish national parks (Abisko, Sarek, Hamra, Ängsö, Djurö).


Found this days ago when I was messing around. You can only spot it by aiming at an object that is highlighted by Instinct. I don’t know anything about modelling, maybe it’s the functions attached to the pistol?



I found out that Hitman Sniper is free for limited time again.
I don’t like playing on phone so I for first time tried android emulator (
If you want check this NOX emulator - I had to change phone device first in options other way game didn’t work.
I tested this and now can say that really like this game.
It’s like sniper assassin but has even more reaply value.
There are annoying ads and paid crap to buy, but it’s standard in mobile games.
Only problem are controls I don’t know if this is possible to set them like in Sniper Challenge/ Sniper Assassin,
but game is still enjoyable.


I also played Hitman Sniper with that simulator, because I don’t like mobile gaming. But controls are very bad with the mouse. I would like to see it remastered for consoles like Hitman GO. Or inserted in Hitman Sniper Assassins (foe example a DLC with the two maps). I think IOI could do it now that the mobile game seems to be dead now.


I wanted to download it on Steam (got Hitman Absolution already) but it looks like it’s been disabled.

Aaaaaand i’m not a real fan of mobile apps. I prefer my good old PC.