Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Reminds me that I bought this game but I feel discomfort to play it on a touch screen. So I removed it


And then as 47 is about to shoot Cross “A bounty is a bounty”


Did anyone know that there is a masseur disguise in the tunnles where Strandberg and Zaydan meet?

I did not :astonished:


No? Where is it? I’ve played that map so many times


Only in that one escalation which I’ve forgotten the name.


It’s only in the Lupei Sensitivity. BigMooney and (someone who shall not be named :zipper_mouth_face: for some strange reason) did some playthroughs on it just a few days ago.


I’ve had this thought soon after I seen the new promo art for H2, but just now getting around to posting it. The one where 47 has the pink background… It reminds me of…

Yul Brynner

eta: this pic, posted in another topic…


Oh I see that explains how I never saw it. But yea I just saw Bigmooney vidz and was a little confused.

Thank you for clearify @Notex and @Tetrafish_21 :smiley:


I was playing Hokkaido today, and have just realised there is a Blend in location in the sauna as the motorcyclist. Have no idea what point it serves, but it’s cool nonetheless


It’s an easter egg, and sadly, there’s nothing more to the blend as confirmed by the devs.


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It’s ok, I was searching if there was a question for me or not :stuck_out_tongue:


We don’t know 47 how killed targets. For example We can kill Erich Soders by using few opportunities bu we don’t know how 47 killed him.


When you’re in a mass shootout, the last person alive might have some special dialogue. I was screwing around in Colorado and the last dude alive in the area said something like “we two lonely souls battling to death. Let’s fight!” or something along those lines.


Then your inventory changes to two swords, and that character pulls out two swords, and it turns into a different game entirely.


Reminds me I wanted to make a Colorado save with all being dead except the main targets. I hope they dont just stand around watching a corpse.


that’s actually kinda what i’m doing right now. well part of it anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


Doing a kill everyone challenge?


I don’t know if any other locations would have some different dialogue, but I remember being in Paris having a shootout and the last guy said the exact same thing you posted. Still, it was pretty funny.