Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


I just found the meaning of the false surname “Reaper”. Since C47, I thought it was a casual surname. It’s perfect for 47 :smiley:


A strange noise appears when you get killed by the dog in a new life


I found out that D’Alverde’s role in Tosca, Cavaradossi, is in fact a tenor role. I like that attention to detail, it would have been easy to say he is a soprano since people know that term.


if you see this lady after Soders dies, she talks to you about his death

lady: “doctor, do you know what happened to mr soders?”
47: “he died”
lady: “i know, but how could something like this happen? we had everyone on standby. i don’t blame you, i’m sure you did everything you could.”
47: “i always do. excuse me”


Been there, done that :wink:


the little things that you can find in 2016 are so cool. i hope there’s moments like this in H2 as well


The painting in Sniper Assassin is from Caruso’s villa.
It seem to be related to the plague doctor :wink:


Even to the last days of its relevance, Season 1 still holds some secrets. :slight_smile:


My gut feeling is you get the same dialogue as the Chief Surgeon.


she’s an enforcer for the chief surgeon. it’s not possible :stuck_out_tongue:


Gee for a moment I thought you managed to teleport 47 into the villa. :joy:


This rooftop is the perfect all sniper-accidents location.

Sean Rose: Fire extinguisher when he’s in the explosives area.
Maya Parvati: Hay bale drop
Penelope Graves: Exploding big red gas canister.
Ezra Berg: Exploding lawn mower

I suppose this also means that I’ll have to figure something else out for Sean Rose after the Legacy DLC. :confused:


There’s one easy way for him, I’ve done it from the water tower but it should work even better from that place. :wink:


I’m assuming one of the cars. I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it though. :slight_smile:


Why? What’s happening to Sean?


Fire extinguishers have become non-lethal in the new game, so Rose would only get knocked out by the explosion.


i really like that Change. FE kills are very lame.


As far as i understand, Season 1 will stay as it is,there will be no changes. So FE kills will still be lethal.
When Hitman 2 comes out, we can install the Legacy DLC in H2, which makes it possible to travel to Paris, Sapi,… with the Hitman 2 mechanics and Leaderboards/H2 Score System.
@Clemens_IOI could you clarify?
Hitman 2016 will stay as a seperate game with it’s actual mechanics. Hitman 2 will have a free Legacy Pack for Hitman 2016 owners, which makes it possible to travel to remastered S1 maps within the H2 game, with its new mechanics/scoresystem/tools.
Owner’s of S1 will not automaticly get an update of the remastered maps/new mechanics when Hitman 2 is released. Is that correct?


that is indeed correct.


I have not posted for 2 months mate
I came back from my slumber just to tell you this : ‘‘You want to start a war ?’’ :joy: