Things About Hitman You Just Found Out




“you are on my Homeground now - and we are not even in the same League“

“you gonna loooose, Muchacho!“


Exacly.I am on top


when you turn on the vacuum cleaner, it ACTUALLY sucks in dust particles!

Vacuum cleaner OFF

Vacuum cleaner ON

p.s. ignore the low FPS, thats how i’ve been playing hitman on my laptop lel


i just found out you can use the “Cafe“ Sign in AHBOS for an Accident kill.


You can use it in the normal mission as well as contracts and elusive targets


I just started my 0 expenses run, I want to check how much money you can earn in C47. Three missions done for now with 40000$ result.


I was standing in the middle of the two guards at the first checkpoint in Paris to go the IAGO auction and after a while one says “Gotta keep this area clear sir. Move along, please” or something along the lines. Small stuff that took me two years to notice . Wonder if they consider you a tresspasser if you stay like that for too long.


something from the EAX steam, a small bug, 47 just switched to the flamingo pose while trailing Sierra


that’s not a bug, that’s the flamingo idle-walking animation


hmm, might be, but the idle animation kicks in real fast, as soon as 47 stops walking

play from 2:30:00, the video doesn’t have a time stamp cuz its still Live.


yes, the idle animations kick in faster in H2. it’s universal


I’m maybe stupid but I just found out today that we could go on the tracks in st petersburg


Is anybody post this before me on this feud ?

#2800 at 0:28 i think this is bateson’s voice in the background but i dont know which npc has this voice.I came back on the level and i didn’t heard it anymore… strange


Love that level of details :heart:


Damn! 2 years and didn’t knew that cellphones were their own physical object (wonder if applies to tablets aswell). IO will be a strong contender when there is an award for mind blowing details and effects in videogames.


Well that award is going to Red Dead Redemption 2 this year. Maybe with HITMAN 3?


The game that grows the hair of your character in real-time and will allow you to get a specific haircut based in that?


No the game where your horse’s balls can get shrinkage when it is cold out and has fully detailed item catalogues.