Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


This could be said for Spiderman PS4, Spiderman has two versions of phone conversations, one is ‘normal tone’ when Spiderman is not swinging and the more ‘strained’ one when he is swinging. The two versions will switch back and forth depends on how the players control Spiderman.


Yeah but does Spiderman’s web shrink when it is cold out? I mean all the references to Lockjaw, Mobius the Living Vampire and J Jonah Jameson Jr. are cool but RDR2 is detailed to the nines :grinning:

But seriously there are nice little references in Spiderman much like the Arkham games. Except for the lack of a Baxter Building or mutant references because this game was made before the Fox acquisition. RDR2 seems to be worth all the delays as well


My brain shrinks reading this as well. :joy:


Well the horse balls shrinking is a real thing, details like this are the tip of it all (gigity) , Rockstar have gone all out for this game from graphics to story (probably).


That IOI split from square enix.


IKR? Same with NPCs body parts!!

You can shoot them on the hand or feets and it will only touch that part of the body, amazing attention to the details :heart:

Updated the video so you can see what i’m talking about :+1:


I loved that. Plus, for some of the calls if you go off and do something in the menu and come back, Parker will apologise for hanging up on them or say he’s sorry to repeat himself. It’s so good.


Just found out for Landslide: There is a crowbar in the wine shop. How could i NOT see that all the time?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I just discovered two things in Hitman: Codename 47 :-p

You don’t have to buy ammo for the sniper rifle that comes with the suitcase. Everytime you take it out of the case, a free bullet is included. I knew before that this was possible for the first go, saving you on buying ammo if you plan to use only one bullet, but it’s only today that I found out that if you put the empty sniper rifle back in the suitcase and take it out again, a bullet gets added again.

And in my quest to kill the orderly in the tutorial (47’s very first confirmed kill) with the fibre wire, a signature weapon after all, I found out you can lure him in the elevator and kill him easily with the wire there.


Well, I was playing Paris and I detonated a bomb nearby frisking point. Guards started to search bomb and I passed frisking point (guards was near to frisking point) without frisked :rofl:


On alert mode guards don’t notice you trespassing anymore, a good way to pass a checkpoint :wink:


I was disguised as a auction staff.


Played the Papparazzo yesterday and noticed a magazine/paper I did not notice before. But it beeing in paris is funny…

Because in France it actually is a existing magazine with that same name.
and a top gear like TV show. Im from Belgium but seen that show sometimes because we get French TV here also…


I was playing BM because I wanted to play A Vintage Year with all the Colombia news for HITMAN 2, and played Death on the Mississippi again.

I had no idea about the guy asking for a waiter “opportunity”, and how if you dress as a purser he gives you his own personal keycard to his suite. I had no idea that you could find a VIP card in his room, as well as a nice tuxedo for 47 to wear.

I’m honestly still surprised I’m still finding new things in BM tbh, I feel like I’ve seen everything in the game lmao.


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Well, elusive targets are exclusive then.


Well many of the elusive targets were not in fact elusive, some were well known people like Johnathan Smyth and Gabriel Santos one sold the most records quickest and the other had his own hashtag. Exclusive might actually be the better word since they are one shot


That’s cool, i actually want to do the same with Blood Money but haven’t found the time.


are you out of your mind? they are elosive targets, obviously…:smirk:


Came into this thread cause 16 new messages :star_struck: So much that people found out about HITMAN :hugs:

All i found is stupid conversations with no connection to HITMAN :face_vomiting:

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