Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


In Hitman:Codename 47, even with 0 health you are still standing.

Didn’t make a screenshot, but I also just noticed a mistake in the briefing: it states the jade figurine is hidden sowewhere in the Cheng Chau restaurant, but that’s the fish place where the police chief met with red and blue negotiators. The Lee Hong restaurant is called Wang Fou, as is evident from the second mission’s title.

And the third one I noticed such a long time ago I forgot it, only for me to rediscover, but “Agent Smith” works for the Agency (the ICA, not the CIA). He’s the one getting caught when taking footage of Lee Hong for 47’s briefing.


Come back to this thread, what the hell have I done lmao. I do realize it was a mistake, sorry about that. I just type really fast and as I was thinking of Colombia in my head, I wrote it to how it sounded in my head, if that makes sense.

Anyways, I found out today that in the BM newspapers, it says IO Interactive and on the bottom, never noticed that before. I also noticed that some of the articles on the sides can correlate to the community or the people that were affected to the target, such as the one after A Vintage Year and in Till Death Do Us Part.

I always knew there were stuff that hinted at future missions, but not stuff that directly related to the area of the mission. Nice detail.


You have done nothing wrong, we have done this to ourselves. :smile:

But yes many of the adverts in the paper mention things like a New Pine Cone Rehab (in Sicily a Hitman SA reference), Mardi Gras party (and the Shark Club Party) and even the seafood restaurant from Codename/Contracts (Cheung Chau, I think I have yet to play Contracts )


Wow, I guess IOI (or Square Enix) decided to add coin and Rubber Duck before Absolution. Am I only noticed that? Why Diana using a Rubber Duck in her bathroom, she has not children. And why Diana put a coin in the letter?


The Duck is around since Codename 47


Really? I don’t saw it before.


Imagine me with all my rubber duckies in my bathtube, throwing an evil look just right now into your general direction.


What and Why?

(20 char bullshit)


Rubber duckies are just the most mature and masculine thing to play with while bathing. 47 using them is just another proof.


Rubber duck is a long standing “joke” since C47 where an asylum patient in Dr. Ort-Meyer’s Asylum would ask for a rubber duck in exchange for information about Agent Smith’s cure.


How could I forget it :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: , I must play Hitman franchise again and again and again and again…


Also, the coin is supposed to represent Diana’s payment to 47, so he feels obligated to complete her contract (protecting Victoria from the ICA).


I just realised something funny. HITMAN 2 gone gold 47 days before the release date and the release date is 48 days before the end of the year.

Sounds to far-fetched for me to be intentional though.


Oh, it’s definitely intentional. The release date also falls on the 46th week of the year. It’s close, but no cigar. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s similar to Absolution, which was released on the 47th week of the year on November 20th.


“Come game what are you 46, 48?, Act your age, man”


It also means of noble descent, probably linking to the elitist nature of Novikov and Margolis’ lives.


Agent Smith was a CIA agent who provided intelligence to the ICA. It’s implied that the Agency had similar arrangements with the operatives of other intelligence agencies. I’m not sure if it’s canon but in the Hokkaido easter egg, Smith states that he now works for Interpol. The fact that the ICA shares a business relationship with them too means that Smith probably remains an Agency informant and hopefully will appear in future missions such as a captive in Colombia.


I finally get to Assassin Tier and found out how many points you need at this moment to obtain this rank -
little more than 29.000.000.


Mysterious locked door in Hitman 2


There are a few of those in that game. And in the Revisiting St. Petersburg mission, there’s a room on the map that doesn’t exist.