Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


I currently kill randomly in World of Tomorrow. Saw in instinct that Franny went into the attic all by herself without lockdown. Can’t get close in time, someone knows what she is doing?


Have you been able to reproduce it


Encountered for the first time. I try to hang around the attic if she gets up there again.

EDIT: The guards at the safe are still alive, maybe she spoke with them if they were able to open it yet. Happened around 40min mark


Just found this on new Postal_Dude channel.


I just randomly got the gun. Wasn’t even in that tier. It was a bug/ intentional glitch maybe (Please don’t take it away from me)


I continue my 0 expenses run, I finally did Lee Hong and first time I played this game checkpoint actually helped me.
SUCCESS and 60000$ on account.


I think I saw a new fiber wire animation in BM yesterday, can’t remember if I’ve seen it before or not in my 100 hours in the game. But it was rare for me at least, I completely forgot about it otherwise. if I’ve seen it before.

Basically, 47 grabs the person and puts them on the ground, then garrotes them as the target is on the ground. IIRC he like pulls their head up to garrote them while their body was on the ground. Don’t know if I can explain it, but it was new for me at least.

Edit: This is the one:

I’ve also never seen the fiber wire animation for Vinnie Sinistra in A New Life, holy shit.


Turn the camera around to look at 47’s eyes, they light up as he’s garrotting him. Also, the one after that is my favourite because it’s so quick and decisive.


Depending the position and speed, he might use that garroting animation from time to time.

It’s the longest garroting animation tho, so be sure to have time to complete it.

Personally my favourite one:
(10 first seconds of video)

It was the Absolution garroting animation, im glad they brought it back to Hitman™ (best garroting animation!)

My second favourite, that’s the one from Hitman: Contracts :stuck_out_tongue:


@640509_0401_47 I was just gonna post this here, but you beat me to it. Found it deep in the files of C47, i have no idea why it was cut, because it sounds badass. Also, there’s a shitload of unused one liners by the original C47 voice actor which were supposed to play after a fight. I’ll post them on Youtube once i gain access to my PC again.


honestly that animation should be the default for H2, or at least something similar. the animation when you garrote closer to the npc is underwhelming


Exactly my thoughts :slight_smile:


LMFAO :joy:

In Bangkok, when you sit in the chair waiting for Jordan. If your gun is empty after 47 says “a contract is a contract” the gun just goes click

Normally, when you do this it doesn’t take a bullet from your gun. So it don’t make sense that the empty gun wouldn’t just fire :man_shrugging:

IMO, IO missed a HUGE opportunity to add some funny ass dialogue…

47: “A contract is a contract.”

(Points gun at Jordan)


Jordan: Ha! Hahahaha tough break eh, cue ball!? You call yourself a Hitman!? What a fuckin dumbass!

Diana: Ouch… that has to hurt the ego, huh, 47…?



To be honest you gotta understand 47 phcycic power, he obviously breaks Jordan’s neck by using his phcycic mind. Because 47 is secretly Psycho Mantis


0 expenses part third. I did all jungle missions and hotel one, they were really easy so it took me about half hour.

155000 so far. I have plan for next mission already but I found out that I’ll need to buy story related transmitter to track Ivan briefcase which cost 4000$. I’ll record this one tomorrow because is also tricky like Lee Hong and Kowloon.


I look forward to seeing it, I’ve been following your other videos. I used to do the same thing in Blood Money.



I finished my 0 expenses run. You can collect 276.000$ through the game (280.000 - 4.000 from Gunrunner’s Paradise where I was obligated to buy transmitter to track Ivan briefcase). From last two missions you don’t get money so I won’t record them (they are really easy anyway).


I’ve just noticed in the Hokkaido level, the music that plays in the radio (garage, kitchen) are mostly Chinese(with the exception of Doki Doki Pow Pow).


I’m pretty sure they reused a lot of the menu songs from Kane and Lynch 2 in Hokkaido