Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


In the first Kane and Lynch, when they go to the jungle, there are the same birds churping as in A Vintage Year. There is also Kane and Lynch level art in the Chile level.


I’m just noticed Concracts is very diffrent game from other Hitman games

Concracts is only Hitman game
-Including remastered levels (I don’t counting HITMAN 2 because it’s not released yet)
-47 gets shot
-Only including night levels (even it’s have day missions like “Lee Hong” missions)
-Doesn’t have ending video (Maybe I’m remember it wrong)
-No have story (“47 saw his past missions when he’s about to die” is not a story)
-Not connecting levels (For example, 47 remembers first killing Dr. Ort-meyer and escaping the asylum, after remembers another irrelevant missions and before Ort-Meyer)
-47’s looking around system is working like real word




There is though, Hitman Contracts and Blood Money are directly connected. The hole game of Contracts takes place just after ‘Curtains Down’ in Blood Money.

This Cinematic at the end of ‘Curtains Down’ is directly linked to the opening Cinematic of Contracts

The story of Contracts takes place on two fronts, Inside of 47’s head and outside (real world). The inside 47’s head is the revisit of old missions, the constant raining and grim atmosphere reflects 47 psyche. the real world is what pushes the story a long and is outside 47 control for most of the game.

The reason why 47 are in the united states is because the Franchise got to close in Contracts and almost got him killed.

Contracts Hunter and Hunted Mission briefing

*Three high-profile high-priced targets will be gathering at L’opera D’Orleans in Paris Friday evening. Our client wants all three eliminated, the first is Portuguese tenor Philippe Berceuse, who’ll be playing the role of Mario Cavarodossi in Tosca. The second is his friend Richard Delahunt, the American Ambassador. The third is their mutual friend Inspector Albert Fournier of the Metropolitan Police. Additional information and some valuable tools are waiting for you in the Opera’s wardrobe room, under the name Flech Fisher. Eliminate all three targets and get to the airpor


  1. Assassinate Inspector Albert Fournier.
  • Inspector Albert Fournier of the metropolitan police is as dirty as they come. He’s also ambitious and his expanding reach has become problematic for our client.
  1. Assassinate Ambassador Richard Delahunt. [Completed]
  • Richard Delahunt, former Governor of Massachusetts, one-time Presidential hopeful, and current Ambassador to the Vatican, has become a source of potential embarrassment and a diplomatic liability to our client.
  1. Assassinate Tenor Philippe Berceuse. [Completed]
  • Temperamental Portuguese tenor Philippe Berceuse has an important yet unclear role in Delahunt’s operations and gives the former Ambassador “Palace Cred” with the Gilitterati.
  1. Escape to DeGaulle airport.
  • Escape the area by whatever means necessary and proceed to DeGaulle airport.

Curtains Down Mission briefing

Hello 47. We’ve got some business at the Paris Opera. There are two targets: The famous tenor, and Richard Delahunt, the American Ambassador to the Vatican.

Our client claims they’re behind a prostitution ring trafficking in boys and girls from Eastern Europe. Tosca is still in rehearsal, so there’s plenty of activity at the opera-house and you shouldn’t be too conspicuous. Ambassador Delahunt watches most rehearsals from his box. He travels with an armed escort, but there shouldn’t be any other security to speak of. You’ll get some cover from the construction crew renovating the theater for the new season. We’ve also left you a pick-up at the cloak room. In the third act of Tosca, the tenor faces a firing squad.

That scene may provide a useful opportunity. It’s a straightforward assignment, 47, but the Agency’s been having some problems in Paris. Use extreme caution.


  1. Kill Alvaro D’Alvade.
  2. Kill Richard Delahunt.
  3. Escape the opera.

Contracts is within the Hitman community also called Hitman 2.5. Contracts wasn’t really planned per say, but created to gab the bridge between Silent Assassin and Blood Money. It was made very quickly.


What? When you’re looking around in Contracts 47 turns his head , if he can’t turn his head then he turns all of his body


He does that in both Hitman:Codename 47 and Hitman 2


No, in C47 47 always turns his body not his head.


Well,47 turns his head to look at things in Absolution too.
But ultimately it doesn’t matter,why point out that detail lol it has no gameplay significance


I don’t wanna be that gal but can you fix your phone autocorrect, my good sir?


Being honest, I don’t like very much °360 degree looking system (I’d prefer Concracts’ system).


I don’t mean “Codename 47”, I mean “When you’re looking around in Concracts, 47 turns his head”


So you’re not referring to Contracts?


Okay. Thanks

(20 char said “Thanks” too)


I don’t mean that

In C47: 47 killed Five Fathers
In SA: 47 saved Father Vittorio
In BM: 47 and ICA are in trouble with a company like ICA
In Absolution: 47 saved Victoria
In 2016: 47 tried to find Shadow Client

But in Contracts 47 only remembering past missions randomly and after escaping from a hotel in Paris (also connected with Curtains Down). It’s the diffrent.


No he relives past events after getting shot leaving the Paris Opera. Not after leaving the hotel, when he leaves the hotel in Paris he’s done hallucinating and recovering from a gunshot.


I’ve just found out you can put a fish in a briefcase in this new game


you can put any handheld objects in the breifcase


But none better than a rotting fish, like it’s a secret weapon.


eh we haven’t seen all other levels so maybe that’s not true


A very good post @Mads47. You’ve done your homework on Hitman lore.