Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


In my opinion Contracts is still the best and most fascinating Hitman game.


I totally agree. In my opinion Contracts has the best atmosphere the series has to offer. When i think of Hitman, i think of the dark, surreal atmosphere of Contracts. It’s a real shame IOI went with the spy thriller mood in Hitman 2016, i hate it.


I agree, but I don’t really hate the new direction. It’s just that I think it could have more potential. Imagine if you mix the “world of assassination” concept with the dark, twisted, urban atmosphere of Contracts.

It was chilling. Some of the best locations, targets and missions are on this game. I loved how the new missions had their little stories going on: The hit on Sturrock involving his corrupt lawyer and his psychotic brother in a kidnapping; the hunting party of the Beldingfords; the net of extortion in Rotterdam and the torture of Klaas Teller. I think the mood and kind of hopeless atmosphere in Contracts was the peak of the series.


Well said! Contracts also fleshed out 47’s psyche and demonstrated how dark and melancholic he perceives the world around him as. I liked the small stories in missions too, especially the creepy butcher in MKP.


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yee contracts is really REALLY underrated


Hopefully, we will see that kind of thing with HITMAN 3: Contracts 2 (Includes remastered HITMAN & HITMAN 2 levels, as well as new remastered HITMAN and HITMAN 2 episodes.


Contracts is my favorite game, but there’s nothing wrong with the direction of the new games. I just want a diversity of levels, from Sapienza to Meat King, things like that


I wish IOI would have changed the art style to something similar that Contracts had. But Hitman 2 is already looong in the development and they stuck with the original Bond styled spy thriller feel, so, it is what it is, an excellent game that is.


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Might we get back to the actual topic of this thread?


TIL one of the featured contracts might of been based off of a GiantBomb live-stream of Hitman.

Taken from the Reddit thread:

So, Hitman is a game where you try to assassinate people. There are custom missions available, where the game requires you to kill people with a certain disguise, with certain weapons, or other arbitrary restrictions.
Giant Bomb, a video game website, has had a blast playing and streaming Hitman over this last year. For a holiday special, they drew lots to figure out what weapons and disguises they needed to use to kill their targets.
Vinny Caravella, from Giant Bomb, got super unlucky (or lucky, from a viewer’s perspective), and had to kill the female target with a kitchen utensil while disguised as a male model (easy), and the male target with a fireaxe while disguised as a sheikh (hard, because after a few minutes it becomes hard to get his disguise without being noticed, and carrying around a fireaxe in that disguise will definitely alert guards).
In his run, Vinny got considerably further than anyone thought he would, and the run itself was possibly one of the most hilarious runs of Hitman I’ve ever seen.
The developers saw that someone had put together a custom mission with roughly the same parameters and decided to feature it, allowing tons of people to try it out themselves.
Even if you don’t play Hitman or watch Giant Bomb, you should watch the video someone posted in here. It’s easily one of the most fun and tense runs of Hitman I’ve seen, and if you like it, Giant Bomb has done a TON of Hitman content this year.

This is the stream in question, which is hilarious regardless of the above context


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Thanks to our hacker @Kcuts_Titogi we now know that 47 originally had more dialogue in the garden in the beginning of Hitman 2.

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