Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


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You may be correct. One stews within…


I just found out you can shoot the lights that are out of bounds on Hokkaido.


Rubbish, this isn’t tango where it takes two. It only takes one person and the way he enters conversation to sour the tone. Something I and others have noticed about your overall posting behaviour and history. Though in this case I choose to partake.


I wonder how my Legacy Pack thread is destroying the forum environment.


Saw this and thought it was hilarious :joy:


Ja, jeg så dette og lo :stuck_out_tongue:


Man ved bare at IOI har haft det sjovt :yum:


You’re Danish too? Never knew


Colour me surprised as well. There are quite a few Danes in here.


Nope, not Danish, I just know the language (barely). I figured Hitman Statue F spoke it too if he got the joke.

EDIT: Things About Brownell You Just Found Out. I once received an aggressive PM from someone, for speaking Danish.


i saw someone post about 47 shooting from ledges and windows, its a very neat feature and love this style of aiming

also, 47 can shoot from all angles which its really cool as well!


It was also in Absolution, although sometimes I feel like his gymnasts on ledges makes them seem less precarious.


I just noticed you can knock out NPCs while taking cover in HITMAN™.
Except for guards, since they do the usual quick time event.


I’ve wondered the same thing about him.

Yesterday i found out that, originally in Contracts, the biker guys were supposed to be present in the Meat King’s party. I discovered this while browsing through some old screenshots at Gamespot.

Here’s the screenshot


I already posted this pic in this thread but I thought this might interest you,I see you care about beta stuff

(this is from some old article about hitman contracts preview)

Maybe @Kcuts_Titogi knows something about this?


That seems to be just a brief pre-release preview of the game. Interesting nonetheless.


The usual animation is just a bug. You can knock them out silently as well.


Just saw the press release ioi put out.

3 difficulty levels. Also awarding unlocks via xp totals

Will be interesting, cant wait to see mrfreezze 2244 on master


Really? I mean, I know I can do a silent takedown when I’m behind them, but when I take cover and try to knock them out, it always goes to the QTE.