Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


It sure is, havent played it either but its still pretty cool :laughing:


Never go into your dad’s office.

(You can do anything in this game !!! :heart_eyes:)


How did you get her over there?


Lol. No secret. :sweat_smile::shushing_face:


Ah, too bad. I was hoping it would be something clever.


the sparks from disabling a camera box can explode a hissing propane tank


Yeah, I think the sparks from using the keycard scrambler and from when a NPC lights a cigarrete can light the propane flasks too. Really amazing attention to detail there.

Also another neat thing, the camera boxes can be destroyed by NPCs firing at you. If you take cover behind the recorder while in combat, the guards may shoot at it which will delete the evidence in a level


yeah, i’ve been blown up by guards’ bullets hitting cars. it’s crazy :^)))


Mind blown


You can make Archains boycott the effigy burning ceremony.


Well then

:sweat_drops: :sweat_drops: :sweat_drops: :joy:


i think the Guards in Andrea’s Office have so hearing issues, i subdued the one on the Palmtree, lured her Secretary with a coin out, subdued her and then shot Andrea trough the Window in her Face with a unsilenced Jaeger Lancer. Guards dont react.


Ah ok.


cool, how do you do that?


Placed FE next to torch. It made FE blow up. Went and hid till searching stopped. Returned to find all fluff npcs were disappeared from the level. From munitions area too.


I didn’t find this out now, but whats with all the games lately that require you to press “Enter” on bootup in order to get into main menu? Whats the purpose? Why not just get into main menu without any button prompt? Don’t get the idea behind it.


Different gamer profiles would be my guess.


But those games do not offer different game profiles.


Yeah they don’t offer different profiles at least not at the point where it prompts “press Enter”. Must be something else that we don’t see.


This is a minute thing to complain about