Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Bootup screens in video games are nothing new. Here’s a page that goes into detail. Quoting a couple of the reasons:

Requiring the user to press start gets you a key piece of information: which controller is the primary controller. It’s not necessarily the first or only controller connected, and you might have several equally valid controllers to choose from. You don’t know which one the user has actually picked up though until they’ve pressed a button on it. Once that controller is used, it will remain the primary controller for the rest of the gameplay session.

This is required by the console manufacturer as part of the standard Technical Requirements Checklist (TRC). One reason is to allow the startup screen to loop back to a demo mode if no one has touched the controller, this stops screen burn and makes it easy for a store to simply pop in a game and let it run looping action with no intervention.


So there is actually a reason for it. But, aren’t modern games capable of switching controller type on the fly nowadays? I can switch between controller and keyboard in Hitman any given time.
So does your quote validate the bootup prompt?


It still tells the game which one to start with lol. Plus the entire other thing about the demo. I wonder if you let 2018 sit at the screen of a demo will play.


Controller swap is nothing new, it can be done realtime mid gameplay, back and forth. I either didn’t understand the explaination or it doesn’t make sense to say thats why a bootup prompt appears. I mean, there are games which don’t have a bootup prompt and have no issues with controller swapping, or “screen burns”, whatever that maybe.


each neighbor has a set place to put stuff they find in the mail

also, the jogging lady picks up stuff from mailboxes that are for closed/empty houses and puts them on their windowsill (although she always placed them inside of the wall -_-)

(she also stops jogging after the first time she does this, she just walks)


I just have to say this.
I found out the HITMAN 2 is extremely broken, glitchy and bugged right now.
All the techniques, all the tricks and like stuff is just impossible to do now.
And that stupid (not advanced as they say) AI is just killing me and bunch of other people.
It’s so frustrating and pissing off simultanuously…


You don’t HAVE too, but if you did then put this on the bug thread where it belongs. Also if you think this game is EXTREMELY broken, buggy and glitchy (woah hat-trick) then post this on the bug thread and then play Fallout 76.


It kinda is, but, uh… Could you maybe specify what problems you’re having? It’s not all consistent for everyone.


Don’t say that. If we start comparing hitman to sub-par games like that, then we are due for a decrease in gameplay quality. (Also Fallout 76 had wayyyy more budget than H2)


Well now that is sad now innit? Fallout 76 is a valuable lesson in the importance of QA and where to focus efforts of QA in the bug detection process.


Not really?

Because IOI has done an excellent job with everything, despite these awful bugs, given their budget


Well I mean I have been a fan of Fallout since the Black Isle days so while I feel proud for IO for being smart. I feel sad for Fallout and the environment and creature/robot designers who did a good job. It is Absolution all over again for me.


Me too. Huge Fallout fan since 3 came out, I suppose it is sad but when companies get larger and with more money, they tend to dissapoint their OG fanbase.

I used to be a big BioWare fan before ME3… :cry:


Really I love ME3 ending aside ME3 was still a good game. Andromeda now that game shat the bed so to speak.


Agreed, but the ending was so atrocious. Especially after going through a whole trilogy of story! It’s like they hired a different staff to write the final mission aside from the main game.

What can you do


You fire the guy who wrote the ending but still write a story that completely terrible for the sequel/reebot?


I’ll be honest here: I never played Andromeda after being skeptical upon release and then reading the terrible reviews folliwing… Ditto for 76

Anyway let’s not derail the thread now


thats a good spot to kill Vanya with a Sniper :slight_smile:


The Electro Compulsive Therapy Polygraph Test in “The Ark Society” mission is a homage to two famous film gags.

The test itself, where 47 is given an electric shock for giving false answers appears to be inspired by Peter Venkman’s Electric ESP Test from GHOSTBUSTERS.

The method to gain the Elecrocution Accident Kill, however, seems lifted from the 007 film NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN’s Domination Game sequence. In that scene James Bond withstands a growing series of electric shocks while sitting in a chair with two handles to ultimately send the worst electrocution pain to his opponent.

I also only learned now that you need only 10 Commemorative Tokens to get into the Initiation Test. I previously thought the dialogue stated I needed to find “all” the Commemorative Tokens to get in so I thought I needed 30 of them to do it.


Aren’t there even more?