Things About Hitman You Just Found Out




Yes. After reading a guide, I know there are at least 7 more past 30 that I did not get.

Could be more. Maybe there are 47 in total! :smile:

Also that it seems the Commemorative Tokens are all focused in the Upper and Lower Courtyards and their adjacent areas: The Walls (South Wall, etc.), The Chapel, The Piano Stage, the Drinks Bar, the Stronghold Exhibit, the Tunnel, the Kitchen, and the upper Wall Battlements where the Ark Members are (the Cannon overlooking the Phoenix Rite). Also that the Initiate Invites refer to the location of suspended cages that serve as medieval pinatas containing Commemorative Tokens.


The hanging cages also drop them when falling down. At least the one at the church starting point does that.


That is one of the Initiate Invite clue cages! :grin:


You do need 30 for the challenge though


You need 30 for the Magpie Challenge and only 10 to win the Initiation. I think the dialogue for this Story in the mission says you need to find “all” of the Tokens just to be initiated but that isn’t true.


this is more a glitch hahaha

does fuckin bullet graphics so good


yeah, guards just cannot seem to hit you while 47 is blending in. example: miami expo showcase car


Star wars stormtropper material right there, but they still killed him, so still not bad enough


I was killed with a hail of bullets when I sat in that car.
It doesn’t seem to be consistent.


This will be old news to many of you.

But I’ve been playing this game for over ten years and it’s only now that I’ve decided to look at the Hitman logo’s whitespace and found the flower, as I was discussing the logo in another topic.
My mind is blown.
I’ll never unsee it again.

It’s a flower! I’d say an orchid but what do I know.


made possible thanks to my paint skillz

I knew it was called the Fleur de Lys but despite that I never saw the flower because I was looking at the logo in “the wrong way”.


That was great lmao.


This dumb inconsistency bugs me more than it should: 47 has three different hand textures, depending on the starting outfit.

Texture for 1| Location specific outfits 2| Signature&Midnight suit 3| Terminus&Cowboy suit


Finally the fingerprints-question has been settled. He is a literal chameleon!


They should’ve stayed with nr 1


they look all way too feminine!


Yeah, that one matches his face skintone the most anyway… also… checked again for a scar and… huh :laughing:


Ey what the fuck IO. Change this right now or I’m gonna be super mad!!


Gregory Arthur in contracts is named Gilford Bootyswang.


Not just like this, try put on some of these Mumbai & Columbia disguises, and look at his arms.