Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


The Krugermeier had a better firing animation in Absolution.

Edit: never mind, the animation is still there :smiley:


In the Legacy Pack, you can blend in by simply being in your suit on many blend in locations on Freedom Fighters (Colorado). This includes the hacker’s computer, the computer between the garage and explosive areas amongst others. At least on Master difficulty on PS4 it does


For some reason on the Hokkaido legacy pack, turning up the heat in the sauna kills both the NPCs instead of getting them to leave.


yeah that’s just a known bug :^)


I’m glad I finished all of the challenges in Legacy before this crap showed up. I was able to kill Yuki with the sauna in extreme heat and got SA in Master difficulty, but that was a bit more than 2 weeks ago…


haha they insta kill WTF


I did it post patch but just lured and KOd them out of the sauner because I didn’t bother to get the wrench (before realizing I did not need one for this lol).


The wrench is only for the unnoticed yoga kill on Yuki and the Namaste challenge. Anyway, it’s silly to use pretty unintended methods to compesate for bugs. Remember how bugged was the kill of Novikov and Margolis with the chandelier at the safe room that many of us had to drag them all the way there because the wouldn’t show up at all?


I know, I just wanted to say I did not know I was bypassing a bug. :smiley:


Ignorance is bliss at times. :bear::yum:. Seriously, I wish I didn’t come to know that a lot of stuff is broken, again.


Oh sweet summer child. If only you knew.


I know, TB. I know thanks to Kotti and pretty much everybody else having these troubles. PZ is of the most notable with it’s screwed up ranking wich shows you losing Never Spotted no matter what you do.



I don’t expect good things at all until a year later. In fact, I’m afraid this will get worse with something even more delicate and will be actually more gamebreaking.


Like Bran breaking Hodor? Something like that?


I just know about the secret Umbrella exit in Santa Fortuna


Bad as watching an animal die in a movie kind of bad.


I know that he changes skin and muscle mass with disquises (posted that in the bug thread a while ago.) I can understand that one from the technical point, but with his own starting clothes…? How does that even happen :neutral_face:


Leaked footage of HITMAN Season 3. :grin:


Oh god that looks awful, a lot of the character models looked like they where from Blood Money. Is this game even out? I haven’t even heard of it.