Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


For a game that’s made by only one person,it’s pretty good.Better than Alekhine’s Gun imo


Chess matches have better gameplay than Alekhine’s Gun.


The Slater is pretty good. Yeah it’s nothing close to current Hitman of course, but it’s great for something entirely made by one person. Plays well, there’s a decent amount of options, and the dev has done a great job with the updates, introducing difficulty options and rating systems.


Agreed. A lot of people mocking this game tend to completely disregard the fact that Slater was made by just one guy with a tight budget, which I find hard to believe but if its true, this dude is crazy talented.


Another example of a title with completely squandered potential. It was so stale and dry.

At least Slater has a strong atmosphere. Personally I would love to see what the Slater dev could if he was given a fairly high budget and a big team like Hitman. I feel that he might come up with something that will offer fierce competition to Hitman.


That is just what Hitman needs, a competition. Hitman can’t even outdo Hitman anymore:joy:



That is why I used chess as the comparative. There is an actual manoeuvre called Alekhine’s Defense. The game was named after the moves


Todd Howard: “Who is laughing now? :grin: Yes…I was in the chess club. :neutral_face:


You dork!Go back to chess club.



You can ignite gas by using that ICA taser thing.


the hotel level looks pretty good. better than the bangkok one in hitman.
at least it has a pool and spa


In Colorado, when in disquise as Interpol agent, you lure Penelope over to the slurry pit and talk to her. Normally or previously, 2 guards came with her and when done talking to 47, she told them to go away and that she needs to be alone.

Now I played it again in Hitman 2 and she just comes alone and when done talking, is still alone and just goes to the fench of the slurry pit.


It might be a bug? I heard De Santis goes to the Detective meeting without guards sometimes.


Oh really! Well, might be. I don’t know :slight_smile:


If it is a bug then it’d cool that the game skips the audio where she says she needs to be alone.


Guards leaving their VIPs alone usually have very awkward dialogues. It was well done in Rico Delgado’s case, but I found the others quite jarring and often illogical.


I couldn’t find a thread talking about the updated shooting/health mechanics.

Didn’t want to start one…

I just found out the shooting has been improved on master mode. I enjoy it.
I play without auto aim or anything like that so I can’t speak on the aimbot but as far as how it handles I really can’t complain. The health regen rate is slower for sure and at least you can take more than 4 shots so that’s good.

It’s really just enough for you to scramble to cover or leave it’s not enough for you to take on two guards at once.

A few times I thought all was lost but I was able to shoot my way semi out.

I knew the combat was legit when I was able to use the AK on the roof in Mumbia and still make it out. Yeah the health regen and fire rate of the guards is just right I would say. Not too brutal and not a push over.


What is wrong with Diana and the Maelstrom? “That Eyes - thats the Maelstrom!“ “Shah talks with the Maelstrom - I would recognize that Voice everywhere!“

I think thats a bit exaggerated…

47 looks like he is going to take a big dump…

…but the Train Accident and Exit are fantastic!