Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


A lot of bathrooms in India require squatting like that too… :joy:


I love how the toilets in Dawood’s building aren’t the squat version. Subtle difference that highlights how different he is.


i think its more likely so because you have a Chance to drown him that Way.


I just found that, unlike NPCs in Hokkaido who follow you into areas they are not allowed to access, Colorado’s tornado shelter is inaccessible to anyone else.

It’s so satisfying to get Hunted, go in there, and get screamed at by a load of ill-mannered thugs with terrorist agendas, who can’t get at you! :wink:


Modern homes have Western type toilets (comode).
If there are more than two toilets in a house one is squatter and other is luxury one (shit like a King sitting on their throne)
It depends on personal choice which type they want in their home. Hotels and public offices or buildings have Western type. I have both in my home. But I always use squatter. It’s gives more personal connection with your shit. You can smell it more accurately, identify changes in day to day smell as per your diet and make necessary corrections in diet to have best smelling shit.


Yes. And people in slums who didn’t had public toilets used to shit on rail tracks.
Never understood logic behind choosing rail track. Maybe it reduces friction between train and track.
Or maybe because tracks are not used area for any other thing and are at a distance from residential living space.


I just found out that the diorama backstage in the Paris fashion show changes into a snow-covered one in the Holiday Hoarders bonus mission.


Yea really cool detail :smile:


Lol I love how this one…thing doesn’t break when you shoot it down and thus causes the water to be electrified forever. IO pls don’t fix.


Apparently old news but waaaaaaaaaa.

Now to find a list of countries that have a Prime Minister.

I wish I could tag Sven. I think it was him who was laughing at the list of rainforests.


the Ingrams, Stuyvesants, and Carlisles :thinking:


Kind of clashes with the concept of The Partners, at least as I had understood them so far. I imagined them as people who stayed as far as humanly possible from the spotlight, and from wielding any direct power, exclusively pulling strings in the background.


Lmao I was playing around with this last week. Was pretty funny just watching NPCs running into the water over and over again.


I enjoyed trying to lure guards up there in the second pic and make them fall to the water, surprisingly the fall wasn’t enough to kill them so the electricity finished the job lol. I guess throwing apples at them would have worked better than shooting their legs though.


Well the Constant makes it clear that if they are not directly leading Providence then the Partners are not far down the list. Besides we don’t know if the PM Ingram is the partner. It might be case of Man Behind The Man as it were.


They changed Andrea Martinez’ face in Paris :raised_hands:t3:


The scale finally works!


The real question is, what unit of measurement is that? 47 kilos seems sort of light, 47 stone a bit much for his bodytype. :thinking:


47 is very underweight for a man of his height. Here I am thinking IO should figure out his real weight for a man of his build then just doing the nod towards his name. But I like the fact that they added the ability for scales to show his weight.


Good one, 47 rubber ducks maybe? Gotta be some heavy ducks though.