Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


its not a Scale, its a Chromosome Counting Device, you Fools!

Edit: also @Smiekero is @Slash.


Aside from it just being a visual gag it would be kilograms like the 192 countries in the world does.


Is Slash some kind of notorious troll? Since he’s banned for 1000 years haha


I just noticed that when an NPC is sick they lose their enforcer dot. I love that detail. Too sick to notice people who are out of place.


Also while dragging bodies, and when shot in leg till they get up.


Yes, I knew those 2. The leg shoot thing still cracks me up.


Never seen this room before!!! Man I love hitman with all its secrets :smiley:



Since when you own HITMAN?


Oh no I mean I know the room it’s self is there normally, but not the threes and such in holiday hoarder :smile:


Did you not played HH in H1?


Holiday Hoarders, up on the barge. Opened the present, a Sieger 300. ^^ Never knew that… (or just completely forgot about it :sweat_smile:) nice find though lol. Sniped the wet bandit Marv through the window - dead.

Also @H_I_T_M_A_N_Statue_F I found that room yesterday and was also pleasantly surprised lol. :christmas_tree: Never went in there in the Hitman season 1 I think.


I did but only in the holidays. Just never cared to check that room :slightly_smiling_face:


You’re not the only one, I play HH quite often but didn’t know what was in that room either. I’m gonna check it ingame right away.


Found out about it too yesterday. Somehow it spooked, dunno why :sweat_smile:


So apparently Vicente Murillo’s slogan is “Haz Que Colombia Sea Grande Otra Vez” which means “Make Colombia Great Again”. Wow.


hahahahaha Biggus Dickus!


Actually it says “Make Colombia big Again”.


No that is Pontius Pilates, but he has a very good friend in Wome named Biggus Dickus.


Yea dude hahaha :joy: I literally just took those screenshots right before I posted them.


I’m happy that I’m not the only one :sweat_smile: