Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


47 does’t wear a belt on the Suburban Suit :smiley:


the sound effect in Ghost Mode where the “kill confirmed” bar fills all the way up is the same as the Absolution point-shooting sound effect


470 level logo
I couldn’t resist :sunglasses:


47 has only 6 teeth in upper row. Cloning was not defect free after all.

Also new profie pic for @Kotti


Play Miami and saw this :open_mouth:

It’s the Hit magazine but updated a little. Anyone know why 47 is “French” looking?


It is the “Travel issue” after all, so it’s probably about tips when going to France


The fanbase is petty as shit.

Just kidding.

Known that for years!


IO Interactive do their homework in creating destinations populated with realistic caricatures and environmental hazards. Santa Fortuna, Columbia is based on the life of Pablo Escobar

The mountain of money room in the mansion:

Kingpin Pablo Escobar ran the Medellin drug cartel that controlled 80% of the global cocaine market in the 1980s. At the height of its power, the Medellín Cartel was shipping as much as 11 tons of cocaine per flight in jetliners to the United States. They possessed fifteen big airliners, including a Learjet and six helicopters.

During the height of the Medellin Cartel, Pablo Escobar was making $420 million dollars per week. Escobar was spending more than $2,500 USD per month just in the cost of rubber bands needed to hold stacks of bills together.

While on the run from authorities, Pablo Escobar torched $2 million in crisp banknotes just to keep the family warm in a hideout in the Medellín mountainsides when Escobar’s daughter Manuela became hypothermic, says Juan, Pablo Escobar’s son.

Rico Delgado’s cocaine hippos native to Africa

With his drug money, Pablo built a zoo called the Hacienda Napoles near his lavish estate, and stocked it with exotic animals including 4 hippos (1 male / 3 females) imported from Africa.

After his murder in 1993, the Columbian government dismantled the estate, but left the hippos to themselves along the Magdalena River.

These 1.5 tonne, cocaine hippos have reproduced quickly since and now number more than 50 hippos. These hippos wreak havok on local Columbian communities.

Rico Delgado’s private museum

Pablo Escobar has a brother Roberto Escobar which is reminiscent to Rico having a brother, Hektor Delgado. Roberto Escobar was nicknamed El Osito or “Little Bear”, who served as the accountant for the Medellin Cartel in Columbia.

Younger brother Roberto has run a private museum in Medellin for his brother Pablo Escobar, called the “Casa museo Pablo Escobar”. According to Trip Advisor, entrants get to meet and greet with Roberto Escobar himself, if you pay the $35 USD entry fee. The Columbian government has recently closed down the private museum.

I am not aware that you could get a glimpse of the bloody “Headsplitter” baseball bat and other Hitman 2 references at the private museum dedicated to Pablo Escobar.

The explosive package bomb for Andre Martinez

Pablo Escobar’s brother, Roberto spent more than ten years in prison after his brother’s death. He was blinded in one eye by a letter bomb while in prison. The explosive package that you use to assassinate Andrea Martínez is reminiscent to the bomb package received by Roberto Escobar in prison.

The delivery of cocaine by submarine

Pablo Escobar employed two small submarines to transport massive loads of cocaine. The biggest load shipped by Pablo Escobar was 51,000 pounds (23,000 kg) mixed with fish paste shipped via boat. Ex-CIA agents believe that they found one of Pablo Escobar’s sunken cocaine submarines recently (NY Post Jan 24, 2018)

The Cocaine laboratories

The name of the largest network of cocaine processing laboratories for the Medellin cartel was called “tranquilandia” (Tranquility-land). It consisted of a complex of 19 laboratories along the Yari River, deep within the Columbian jungle.

The secret tomb in the Altar Cavern

Thee secret tomb in the Altar Cavern located between the Delgado Mansion and the Construction Site in Santa Fortuna is a shout out to the legendary Temple of the Chachapoyan Warriors (located in South America, 1936) that housed a prized golden fertility idol retrieved by Indiana Jones in the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981).

Indiana Jones gives up the golden idol outside the temple, but according to the movie, regains the golden idol later from a black market antiquities dealer, who happens to be located in Marrakesh, Morocco, which is a destination within Hitman 2016.

Rico Delgado’s bodyguard, Jose whom accompanies Rico for his tattoo (in the gold striker gun in safe) room

The “Jhon Jairo Velásquez Vásquez” alias “Popeye” was an infamous Hitman confessing to 257 personal killings for the Medellin Cartel. Velásquez was once in a relationship with Wendy Chavarriaga Gil, a former lover of his boss Pablo Escobar. They were laying in bed one day when the phone rang; on the other end was a recording of Wendy speaking with DEA agents. Velásquez hung up the phone and shot Wendy fatally twice in the forehead, in a fit of rage. As his main sicario and Escobar’s right hand man, “Popeye” performed the murder himself even though she was the woman he loved. He was loyal to Escobar until the King of Cocaine released him of his duties while on the run. Jhon Jairo Velásquez Vásquez is still alive and controversial. In a posted YouTube Video in December 2016, “Popeye” proudly states, "proudly states, “Hello warriors, I’m here in the streets of my beloved Medellín, testing out my beautiful 9mm Pietro Beretta. We’re firing it, it’s a doll, a beauty!”

Rico Delgado as a married man with lots of extra-marital affairs

Rico Delgado has newer wife, Catalina who complains about his penchant for affairs with women. Pablo Escobar had a wife Maria Victoria, but uncountable numbers of extramarital affairs with younger women. In spite of his insane number if affairs, Pablo had remained married to Maria Victoria until his death. Pablo and Maria Victoria Escobar had two children.


Mumbai has a Rake. Ooh boy.


There is another one at the construction site.


Small thing but I just now realized there’s a bunch of coconuts (the type you can shoot to drop for an accident kill) hanging above the place where Rico stands to speak to Mijo.


There is also one around at the the construction site.


When 47 brings Rico to hippo, while he’s still in cave twice, Rico runs to guards to get him killed. When real hippo whisperer does this, he gets to run away to jungle outside of construction site without any problems. Rico is discriminating 47.


Is it possible to let hippo whisperer go to Rico without feedimg meat to Mijo? Or if it is fed with vegetable then it would return to cave?


You have to feed him and then let the whisperer go to Rico. When he is going there, shoot the Hippo and he will go back into the cave

Do this 2 times and he will order to kill the whisperer


do they actually kill the whisperer?


Nope. He just runs into the jungle


The pill bottles that you can unlock bear the name of their maker - Torvik, the pharmaceuticals company run by one of H1’s ETs, Nila Torvik.

I’ve also found out that some of the disguises in Whittletom Creek make no damn sense. The undercover gardener disguise lets 47 carry pistols and such, but the Janus’ Bodyguard one doesn’t, and the normal, non-undercover gardener’s disguise works as it should, making weapons illegal.


It’s a shame they took the time to update the model, but didn’t think to re-record the few lines she had in Paris with the VA when recording the dialogue for Three-Headed Serpent. The dialogue she has in Paris is probably about less than a page - wouldn’t have taken long or cost them much extra.



I didn’t even know she’s in Paris. What does she say