Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


She’s talking to another person which is mainly just giving some of her some backstory, as well as having a short conversation with Dalia as she walks past on one of her trips to the wine glass on the balcony. She also explicitly mentions Hector and Rico Delgado and that she is at the IAGO auction representing the Delgado Cartel.

Nothing exciting really.


I remember that now. We all thought it was just a nod to BM lol


On the Isle of Sgail, when you perform the ritual without the dagger, 47 will snap Zoe’s neck. :smile:


The attention to detail to work out all the things we try…


I did that before, and I like it more than with the dagger


Constant’s name is Edwards?
I knocked him out and guard said “Someone just knocked out Mr. Edwards”


Yes his name is like Arthur Edwards or something like that.


Awesome legs for the table in the Guard Lounge in Rico’s mansion. Would be great if we could pick them up and be able to use them.


I just found out that Colorado’s state motto translates to “nothing without providence”(I am really bored). There is some dark irony to be found in there.


Awesome. And sad there are no berretas in game. First two games had them. Nice nod maybe? Cool table tough… And so many details in the pistol itself.


This one had me laughing. Surely the artist who did this did so as a gag. 47s Classic All Black Suit has a jacket that is both American and British cut. The back part of a suit jacket (below the waistline) will either have one slit in the very back, 2 slits- one on each side near the outside curve of your rear end, or no slit at all. These cuts are often referred to as being American, British or Italian cut. I have NEVER seen one that has both the side slits of the English cut and the centre slit of the American cut. The centre slit on 47s is really tiny too. Strange.


The Darts of the Kalmer Gun are visible.


(in Sgail) the butler looks over the Janus ceremony from the Constant tower


The TAC-4 S/A no longer kills targets in one shot at short and medium distances. Requires two and that’s a bit annoying given the recoil it has. Why such an unneccesary change for the best rifle in the game? Also, it seems that it along with other weapons with the Hair Trigger, this perk is removed entirely. There is no extra accuracy for gently holding the trigger before shooting.


Man I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed. I was looking at it like “is this normal?”

I hate this change so much


I thought that it wasn’t killing people as quickly as it used to, glad to have gotten some confirmation. So many unecessary changes in H2, like this, unsilencing the Jaeger 7, etc.


The Vampire outfit in Hitman 2016, a true classic


I found out the music in the Siege 300 while scoped cant stop laughing :rofl:
Waited on Hawk’s Bay untill Orson Mills and Alma Reynard went to bed, tranqualized Orson pulled out the Siege 300 aimed a headshot on Alma started lauging almost 2 minutes before i pulled the trigger lol.


A very old one, but I just found out today :roll_eyes: . In WOT, the virus prototype… in the boat. I found so many other things, but not that one. :stuck_out_tongue:


You can use sniper rifles to ignite cannon.

I feel stupid for not thinking about that sooner.