Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


What are you talking about? What virus sample?


This one:

Will only kill Franny, has no effect on anyone else


Haha, I never knew about that one!!


Really? Lol, look at the date of that vid. This was back when poisoned bodies DID count against your no bodies found criteria.


All the recent arguing about Hawke’s Bay inspired me to replay it and I just noticed Orson has a large scar across his stomach




So it wasn’t just me then. A wildly annoying and unnecessary change that really puts a damper on the power of one of my favorite guns in the game.


You can reignite the torch in Ark Society.


If you have a Razer Chroma keyboard, you can see 47’s health bar!

I have a Razer Blade, and when I play Hitman 2, most keys are lit white but the WASD buttons are lit in yellow and the number keys are green. What I just realized is that if you take damage, the number keys turn red and then blink out from the right to the left as you continue to take damage. This makes the number keys a health bar! (For instance, if you’re very low on health, the 1-3 keys will be lit red and the 4 will be half-lit and all the other keys will be unlit.)

There are a few other neat Chroma effects, like if your gun is empty the R key will blink red reminding you to reload, and when you’re in the midst of being spotted the function keys will flash (and they turn red in combat). But the health bar is some functionality that you otherwise can’t get.


Not only that, but you can ignite cannons without cannonball and gunpowder inside.


47 is a big hulk of a man that rips the shoulders off the blue security guard uniform in Mumbai when dragging bodies.

Also the game still has the duplicate spawning NPC bug. Where an NPC will just appear shortly after another just left.



So you may have noticed that the Ark Society founders all wear the same mask. A skull facing one directing and a face the other. As it turns out it is deliberately designed to invoke the Roman deity of beginnings and portals. The Gods name? Janus.




Janus’s is the only one with the skull on the back, right? Or is the opposite?


Ok so for shits and giggles I went through every single Protagonist and found out the direct root of their names.

Alma Reynard: Alma means the soul in Spanish however it also means nourishing being from Basque I pick the former. Reynard means fox in French.

Robert and Sierra Knox: Sierra is a name for a mountain range of jagged peaks to symbolise her rough nature. Robert is German for bright fame it might also be a jab at Robert Downey Jr. Knox means round hill.

Rico Delgado: Rico comes from Richard meaning brave power and Delgado means thin.

Jorge Franco: Jorge comes from George and means earthworker or farmer. Franco comes from Frank the name of a Germanic tribe.

Andrea Martinez: Andrea means womanly, courageous and Martinez means descendant of Martin.

Dawood Rangan: Dawood comes from David mean admired. Rangan I couldn’t find nor could I find etymologies of Vanya and Wazir Kale

Maelstrom: A epic storm of Norse myth. Would wreck ships no matter the size.

Shah means royalty.

Nolan Cassidy: Nolan means noble and famous and Cassidy means curly haired

Zoe and Sophia Washington: Washington is adopted in spirit of the revolutionary George Washington. Sophia means wisdom and Zoe means life.


Well I was replaying A Dance with the Devil, and found out the CIA Agent will wash his hands after going to the restroom. BM targets had much better hygiene than post-Absolution ones lol.

Seriously tho, the fact that a dev added hand washing to the routine impressed me.


Needs to be added to some current routines.


Dawood is based on ex mumbai underworld don Dawood Ibrahim.
He is wanted criminal by India under countless charges like terrorism killings, murders, extortion , kidnapping and others. He is currently residing in pakistan being protected by pakistan government.
The character appearance is also based on him.


Vanya is not common name but means god or godess of forest.


Figured, I knew god would come up somewhere. So her name is God-Ruler.