Things About Hitman You Just Found Out




Oh that is weird unless i misread I could have sworn Shah means lord or royalty something like that


Shahi means royal. That is an adjective not a name or surnam
Shah is a surname which might have based on word shahi. But there is no history of that.
Shah has persian Origins which refere Shah as monarch, Lord or King.


Well given her mysterious origins and history of amnesia she probably gave herself that name as a pseudonym of some sort that or she has a Persian family member.


Today I found out the game industry part of Warner Bros is called “Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment” and they only helped IO Interactive is because the names fit togehter.

I also found out everything I say is a fact. But not just today.


In AHBOS if you bring Matthieu to the shisha den party he will freak out, tell you that the meeting isn’t this far away, accuse you of being sent by Hamilton Lowe to kill him, and then say he’s going to get help. He never actually gets help. He just goes back to his routine. The next time you approach him as a body guard and ask him to follow you he just says “go away” and then it’s not possible to talk to him again.

This happens if you bring him through the main entrance to the private party area or via the locked back door.


Well, Kale is a somewhat bitter but nutrient dense edible leafy green. And I guess the target is somewhat bitter in some way. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


using the sedatives to take the tablet off of him will yeild the same results.

He doesn’t want his fortune read and he doesn’t want to go to the meeting.

As the fortune he says something like

“Go away and don’t think I can’t smell the pot.”


I was lead to believe near release that NPCs no longer become suspicious of you if you bump into them a lot.

Apparently, I believed wrong as that can still happen. They just buffed the number of bumps. (I experienced this while trying to bypass an NPC in the absolute middle of a doorway, with no small crack on either side to go through.)


Found out the concrete in mumbai is magical. If a guard+weapon drops in, it teleports his weapon to your location :joy: Think this may also work with the hippo pool in a similar way
@Urben @White-Half


Nice, I remember this bug existed in a different way in S1. When you made one stumble into a inaccessible area (legshooting) and then dies by a fall accident, the item gets teleported to you as well. You might notice that is a usual behaviour when pushing someone off something, then the items also appear at your feets.


I didn’t notice that until I pushed a Washington off the balcony and the killswitch “dropped” as I pushed her. I was actually against this. If you push them off a cliff then you don’t deserve to loot their pockets.


Then how are you supposed to take Mendola’s tablet if you push him down the well or Akram’s virus if you push him to the sea. Mind you, this is intentional.


Cheaters are growing as mushrooms in Ghost Mode.
Pity people can’t play honest…


As long as there are competitive games, people will cheat in order to “be the best”.
It’s happening since HITMAN™, and to be honest, the only thing we can do is report them and hope for the best.
It’s sad, yeah, but still, it gets the job done. Don’t worry, eventually those guys will get banned you will play with clean people like you.


How are they cheating?


Something that needs to be contemplated before you act. If they got rid of the “magic pocket drop” then you couldn’t do those things.


Yeah… right. Then someone will accidently fail an elusive target like The Blackmailer because he/she accidently push the target to oblivion. In my opinion, limit the kills for something trivial like this is entirely stupid.


I don’t think it really limits kills too much. It takes away a few pushes and only from targets that have an item you need. So AHBOS it limits one push into the well, you could still throw off the roof thigh. In the new game… Do you need anything from the targets in Colombia? I know you don’t in the other ones. You can use the kill switch, but there are two, and it’s not required.


Just like I have said, failing an elusive target for something like that is stupid. Besides, limiting the creativity of the players of the game that promotes replayability just for “realism”, that’s stupid for me.

Make me remember when I blowed up both Craig Black and Brother Akram to the sea with a well-placed propane tank during their meeting. Imagined now this is impossible because of “muh realism”, heh.