Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Retrieving stuff from dead bodies shouldn’t be part of assignments in the first place. Let 47 stick to the killing and someone else pick up the trash.


In a perfect world, the diamonds briefcase would fall with the body. But 47 would be able to run down to the impact area and retrieve the diamonds briefcase, despite the suspiciousness involved.



Hey I just noticed this magic now! (while creating new contract called 4 Guards & 47 Seconds)
Your contract is always awesome.

And this magic happens on Isle of Sgàil too. When you snipe the guard called Charles Burns from starting location, his shotgun will appear nearby you.


I play without cheats and turns out I’m one of the best… It wonders me, cuz I don’t consider myself a good Hitman player. But I win most part of matches. And it turns out, some people using cheats to beat me, instead of learing to play better. That’s sad. Not because they cheating, but because they don’t want to learn

Have a look at my videos here:

These are not the best examples, but it tells something though


You can have your picture taken from here.
(Shoot the Suit, photographer :heart_eyes::raised_hands:)


47 prefers to drill giant holes through the wall to spy on his targets.


LoL he doesn’t drill them. They just started appearing in the levels with the 2016 game.


Haha! I know. :joy: I’ve been playing this game for almost three years now.
I meant that giant disk that spawns on the other side of the wall as soon as you look through one of the holes. You can’t really see it without using Ansel or any other free cam mod.


I just found out that Sierra, the Kronstadt Amazon, has a private talk with Don Nolan of Nolan and Falcone Investigations from Sapienza, the associate of Sal Falcone. She knows him thanks to De Santis, an acquaintance, long dead. Sierra wants intel about Grace Miller that she suspects of doing industrial espionage and sabotage in her stable.


it’s crazy how they manage to connect everything together


There’s a moose in Sgail that says: “Hello Major!” It might only happen when dressed as the butler.

It’s a reference to a very old, but famous British TV show called 'Fawlty Towers." I don’t know if anyone will get the reference, as it’s quite old-fashioned now…


Yes I get that reference. Hilarious show. John Cleese has been quoted as saying his biggest professional regret is that they didn’t make more of those. The actor who played Manuel passed away not too long ago so I watched them all again. “You naughty Moose!”


They do, but sometimes it makes the universe feel small. No way all these peeps all know each other. I do want to see Smith again though. Someday I’d even like him to be less inept.


I agree with you.
There’s no way Sierra could have met De Santis, an Italian middle-class employee who made a career against an American billionaire’s daughter, eligible for the Ark Society.


Yeah I feel like that one may be a bit of a stretch. Knowing Heidi Santoro I can completely get, but it seems like Sapienza is one of the most beloved and well known places anywhere in the Hitman Universe. It’s on computers in Mumbai, it’s hippies go to Colombia and and now Sierra Knox is apparently best buds with a Sapienza scientist.


What are you guys talking about? Aren’t they (Sierra and Francesca) both Providence?


De Santis is on the shadow client’s conspiracy board, and the virus is a Providence-headed project, so I think we can safely assume De Santis is Providence.


Are you all forgetting the Ether logos on Sierra’s race car. In fact I am willing to bet all her sponsors are Providence connections.


But does providence have regular meetings or is it a top down organisation of pure secrets where the 3 families speak with the constant who talks to a director (or seems to not anymore after the one cutscene) and they tell heralds what do to and the heralds relay things to the power elite?

Anyway my original post on this wasn’t that there was no way Sierra and De Santis knew each other. I said there was no way all those people knew each other. As in I can buy X amount of connections, but there seem to be about 50 times the amount I can buy. It makes hitmans world feel like a small medieval village where everyone knows everyone. The sapienza drug dealer is a great example lol


I think an IO employee said in a live stream that the hippie was an in-joke. They said that contracts with the hippie often involved him being a drug smuggler, so here he is now.