Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Autocorrection is dumb


How wasn’t it propper then?


There was no mouth guard, now there is


Never noticed this. Thanks.


Nope, certain versions of the elite guard disguise still come with the guest mask, instead of the more covered mask. Certain guards do have the proper version when disguising as them though.


Are you sure it arent just the normal gurads?


Very sure.
20 Characters


47 may be wearing body armour under the Masked Tuxedo (with Gloves too)


That’s just a tuxedo belt, with the more correct name being cummerbund.


It was historically an alternative to a waistcoat (which is like a the vest of a 3 piece suit, but had sleeves) in military uniforms and then fell into fashion for formal wear. Now it’s often considered even more formal than the vest (no one wears waistcoats anymore), it’s funny how fashion comes back around.


Why are here… lungs?


Mummified remains? An Arkian mentions them owning the Peking Man so maybe they have more grisly curios and relics.


I can’t say I ever saw lungs irl but these look somewhat fresh? You are probably right though.


Well the point of mummification is to preserve tissue but not for long. But it might also be a part of a physician or lecturer’s models (one of great importance) or it is an abstract or conceptual piece.

Also what is is weird is that nothing is left of the Peking Man but four teeth held in Sweden. He live nearly a billion years ago and his original bones were lost in transport from China in WWII sadly only molds remain


If you kill spetsnaz agent in Invitaiton To Party mission it doesn’t count as “Enemies Killed”


In Mumbai, at this spot on the upper floor of the Laundry Business area, there is a free disguise for Gregory Arthur/Dancer.

It’s also very easy to get to this spot and then run back to Rangan Tower!


Two laundry workers located below mention that this disguise is stored here.


I was waiting in the Hokkaido lab for Tetsuo: The Iron man dialogue to kick in, so i would a have a proof that it’s there and one of the doctors mentioned human dog hybrid - is that a reference to Fullmetal Alchemist? (I don’t know anime, i only know something like that happened there from the memes.)


I think it refers to the tragedy of Nina Tucker from FULL METAL ALCHEMIST.


That’s what i thought, but i wasn’t sure, cuz i don’t know the details about this anime. But i now googled it again, and it’s really just a folkloric tale. (The first time i tried to google it, i picked the wrong keywords i guess. False alarm.)