Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Can’t believe I’ve only noticed this now, but for combat in H2 - apart from being able to acquire dropped weapons on the move without 47 coming to a pause - if you’ve picked up say a Bartoli 76S and are going around on a spree with the Striker, picking up further dropped Bartoli pistols won’t cause a switch away from the Striker currently equipped.

That’s a great change from 2016.


Tac-Smg and Tac-Smg Mk.2 have different grips.


Has anyone else heard this… ?

The Constant Speaks with Mikhail

I overheard this interesting phone conversation between The Constant and Mikhail on the Isle of Sgàil. Other than being a known Herald, who is this Mikhail? Will this link with the upcoming expansion pack stories or is this connected with what lies ahead in Hitman 3?


I heard that conversation too. I don’t think Providence is relevant plot-wise anymore. This just is supposed to make us get some insight into how they work. But ofc I can be mistaken.


The gold Shalanska (whatever) fires slower than the normal one, but has better accuracy.


Yuki Yamazaki also called him, just so you know.


Interesting. I never heard that conversation. Where did she make the call?

I’m quite interested in this conversation, though, because of his references to Janus, Diana, and Lucas Grey.


In the restaurant, if I remember right. I would not be surprised if he will be the target for Season 3 in the future.


But has Lucas Grey been playing us? How much does Diana really know? What will be our relationship with the ICA after all of this? It could just be The Constant desperately trying to make sense of recent events, but I’m getting some very worrying vibes from this conversation.


Fingers crossed for a level in the Kremlin.

There’s a gold one?!


Yes in the tunnel under ricos mansion


Well. That’s news to me. Gonna have to try to track that down. Thanks.


Is it just me, or is Sieger 300 Ghost not as dark as in HITMAN?


I hope so. I don’t like 47 turning into a soft pussy because of this bromace bullshit. He was set up as a antagonist, so we should kill him hard.


I also hope Lucas becomes a target in H3. Not really digging this relationship anyway between him and 47. I don’t find his story that interesting either. I’d gladly kill him off without batting an eye lol sorry “brother”


Yeah I don’t really like the idea of 47 having friends or hanging out with people. He doesn’t need any help to get shit done.


Well, you know… besides Diana (Blood Money: Requiem) if it wasn’t for her reviving him, he would have been dead :wink:


‘‘Lmao just doing my job bro! Cya!’’


Well yeah he needs her or he’d have no missions but nobody else :joy:.


Haha agreed. But she literally saved his life. Makes me wonder though… if Diana knew (at that time) 47 was the one who killed her parents… would she have still revived him, or let him die…?