Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


I didn’t know he killed her parents, is that part of the Hitman season 2 story? I haven’t watched most of the “cutscenes” because I hated the still image crap. I don’t even know what happens but I need to watch them.


Oh shit, my bad! I should have used spoilers… sorry bro :sweat_smile:

But yeah, according to the comics, that’s how it went down. Him and Lucas. And they say the comics are canon, so… yeah haha


Its fine I’m not that bothered about the story to be honest. I literally just skipped all the cinematics because I was so disappointed with them.


If I had to guess… I’d say she still would have saved him. Diana knows more than anyone 47 does what he is paid to do. Of course I believe Diana would be extremely pissed and upset, but she seems to be the type to understand the true meaning of “it’s business, not personal”

I strongly believe if 47 would have known Diana at the time, he would not have done the contract and maybe even tip her off about the hit on her parents.

Diana can’t really hold a grudge. (Even though she’d be entitled to) because they didn’t know each other at the time and he was just doing what he was literally made to do and I think Diana would understand that, because I also believe she knows he wouldn’t have gone through with the hit if he’d have known her at the time.

In the future (if Diana ever finds out the truth) I can see a cutscene happening similar to Absolution (where he’s holding Diana’s hand, like he’s apologizing) we all like to think that 47 is this emotionless killing machine (and he is a killing machine lol) be he also has a heart whether he wants to admit it to himself or not.

He truly cares for a small amount of people in the series and will go out of his way for a select few, that’s nothing new… Father Vittorio, Diana, Victoria.


She worked for the ICA herself so she’s no saint and I’m sure would understand like you said.


The musician in the toast room in Sgail will not stop playing even after hearing gunfire.


Bet he will if the gunfire hits him in the head.


They also have 0.01% health. As in, if you throw a apple an them (every sitting musicians), they die :joy:


So you can’t knock them out with throwables?


Nope. Instant death


Did you find that out the hard way and ruin your rating unintentionally? :joy:


I just threw a cigar box at the girl harp player and she knocked out.


Maybe it’s just apples? :joy:



Maybe. I just threw a brick at the main lobby area guy musician and he also knocked out.


I saw a clip. Yeah could be just the throwables that don’t knock npcs out like apples and muffins. They also die from 1 legshot


it’s because they die at any damage taken. apples and muffins do a tiny amount of damage, whereas KO objects dont do any damage


Was this intentional by IO?


Yes statistically apples and muffins kill more people than bricks or wrenches to the head. IO are subtly referencing that up.:joy: Seriously I have no clue why they do have damage.


Probably unintentional but I’m sure they will say it was.