Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


I don’t care I would become hostile if people threw food at me. The sheer waste of it all. Maybe IO is subtly hinting that we should not waste food?


Shit I think IO just inadvertently cured world hunger, now we know we shouldn’t waste food the world is saved.


Genius! I mean it does only occur on the level with the most wasteful people on it.


There is also the doctor in Contracts that was sent by Diana/Ica :smile:


Just accidentally found this cool thing!!!

Does anybody remember this?


I had heard this conversation before. I think the Constant is confused because he lumps “ICA” and “Diana” in the same faction.

He is not aware Diana has broken off at this point from ICA.

The entire Janus story is fake but as chance or subterfuge would have it Janus “did go to Romania”. Janus himself talks about the cloning project if 47 performs the nurse check up.

One possibility is that Romania is a confidential project or a confidential embarassment (Janus: “It was a waste of money.”). So the Constant is surprised to uncover this and because it’s part of Burnwood’s story he becomes confused.

47 killing Cassidy is just the latest bit where 47 has become a free-of-charge hatchetman… another reason to hate on Lucas Grey. Hahhaa.


@Q.Minh: I went to Hokkaido and recorded the phone conversations that Yuki Yamazaki has.

Hitman 2 (Legacy) - Yuki Yamazaki Phone Conversations

0:00 The Constant
0:46 Mikhail
1:44 The Constant
3:02 Mikhail
3:55 Mr. Fanin

I also overheard a new phone conversation with The Constant. I put both in the same video.

Hitman 2 - The Constant Phone Conversations

0:00 Mikhail
2:04 Kadir


Oh I completely forgot about Fanin. I bet my left nut he is S3’s first target to draw out one of The Partners.


Has someone managed to shoot the solar lamp from the Main Tower in Sapienza?
I did some tests, tried different angles and i think it’s possible. It’s a very small point you have to strike.
Here is a video of the shooting position and the bulletimpacts:

What do you guys think? Is this possible?
@C2H6O @Hatch @BernardoOne @fkgfw i’ll tag you guys cause of your experience with highly precise shots over long distances


In the Tornado Shelter I believe Fanin’s photo is crossed out already…


Do you mean the Solar System display in the Observatory?


Oh well that is really anti-climactic if that is true. Unless his profile shot is a stand in for Grey’s raid on the info-dump.


The lamp you can use for a falling ojective accident. Goal is to hit the chain and the solar lamp falls on Silvio


Yes, possible, just managed to do it eventually. Sadly I didn’t record it at the time :frowning:

This was more or less the position I shot from, crouched.


Ok… but why is it in “Combat”? That should be too far for any detection, plus you hit a chain and not an NPC, unless you were spotted by someone in Bravuomo’s office?


skip to 1:02


Is Bravuomo’s office sound absorbent? :thinking:


Isn’t Mikhail already a target in the old Hitman 2?


Mkhail is not an uncommon name. Anglicanized from Russian it is literally Michael. There is probably no shortage of Mikhails in Russia


Mikhail doesn’t even have to be his real name. :wink: