Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


You are right his name is actually Weird Al. For over three decades Weird Al has been secretly controlling the world and current events. Genius IO I would have never expected that.


Actually neither Mikhail or Kadir sound like they are Partners. The Constant can’t demand the Partners to “fill me in” on updates…

They sound like deputies or subordinates reporting back to the constant.


I never said they were partners. Given The Partners last names are Ingram, Carlyle and Stuyvesant I highly doubt any blue blooded banking family has a Mikhail or Kadir as a name

I was say Mikhail is Weird Al and Weird Al is the hidden hand guiding the hidden hand. Because that sounds like a twist no human being saw possible.


You should join the Hollywood Writer’s Guild! It’s brilliant! :wink:


Mikhail Bardachenko was the Russian general in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. He captured Agent Smith, but 47 killed him and rescued Smith in the process.

I believe that they are Heralds like Yuki Yamazaki and Nolan Cassidy. The only other Herald we know about at the moment who might still be alive is William Candler, the man who was trapped in the basement in Colorado.


Yes I can see it now UHF 2: Revenge of the Wavelengths.


Maybe he didn’t dead? I mean a soldier notices us while we escaping so he might be saved his life?


Oh, he’s dead… bullet to the head lol he ain’t coming back :joy:


It’s about safe to say he didn’t make it…


I mean in the old days of Hitman you would either shoot them in the head, knife them, explode em or fibre-wire them. All but FW is a dead man with indisputable proof.


My old neighbor was shot from his head and he still lives with that bullet. But it would be extreme if Mikhail survived.


Yeah people who survive bullets to the head don’t orchestrate the martial or communicative functions of secret societies. Beside Mikhail was a general not some messenger boy.


Well damn… he’s very lucky. But I think it’s safe to say that the General is dead. Plus I shot him numerous times in the head after the first shot lmao trust me, he’s deader than a door nail :laughing:


I think he was murdered in one of the custscenes (after miami) . You can make out his face in the Burning car.


Oh how anticlimactic. What a terrible waste of a character then. There is absolutely no mention of him as far as I am aware.


In the mission “Till Death Do Us Part” in Blood Money, if you kill the groom and you are close by to the bride, she will say “Finally” heavily implying that she was the one who ordered the hits on her husband and father. If you read the newspaper later on, it also says she got her dads fortune and disappeared. Later, in the newspaper after “A House of Cards” I believe it was, we see her again under a nickname and people wondering where she came from and where she got all that money.


Yeah, I also discovered that. Also, description of photos which we should retrieve in Death on the Mississippi, mentions they’re compromising for Margo. That means that contract was ordered by her too.


Yes I remember that… with both her and Skip Muldoon (her uncle) :nauseated_face:


You think that is bad. Originally Buddy was supposed to be her cousin.


Ugh… damn hillbillies lmao :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: