Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


They’re probably Heralds


I wouldn’t be so sure. With Ezra gone there are bound to be Providence agents among the ranks who would have moved in to extract him.


Well that’s a bit of a stretch… but yeah… it’s possible.
Everything is possible actually… including that Lucas Grey is a liar and the Memory Juice is full of lies. lol.

I think a lot of fans would be happy if IOI teased that they were “following Birth of the Hitman” in H2, only to reveal that they’re wise to it in H3 and basically throw that plot into a blender by unmasking Lucas Grey as a traitor and killing him off…

They were smart enough to walk away from HITMAN ABSOLUTION, after all.


This is a heavy bet. Hope IO is reading.


Hardware has done it in s1


Agreed. I can however picture them in tactical gear, looking to rescue/kill the Constant as damage limitation. Opening mission of Hitman 3 please, in Iceland :grin:


Jokes on IO then my left nut is effectively useless.


Where was Fanin located agian? New York was it? Skyscraper level anyone? :smile:


The data vault was in New York, but I don’t think Mr. Fanin was based there as he didn’t even know what the vault contained.


Just discovered that propane flasks taken the whole role of fire extinguishers being destructive.
They can destroy recording devices as FEs can in H2016


Anyone knows the name of that old Providence hag?


But why not just shoot the recording device? How is using a propane tank better?


When there are some cops around or you haven’t a silenced gun, it will be more safe and fast


Madam Carlisle 20202


Do you just throw it? Do you throw it once then at the recording device the second time?


Throwing a propane tank isn’t suspicious, mostly.


Yes, I’m just throwing it. It destroys RD at once. No necessity to throw it multiple times.
Of course if you missed you would want to repeat


Oh right so it doesn’t explode? You just have to hit it?


No, it doesn’t explode. It starts to leak, as usual


And the leak gets repaired once you pick it up. :sweat_smile: I guess 47 puts a finger on it.